SEO Secrets Revealed - The Perfectly Optimised Page
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SEO Secrets Revealed – The Perfectly Optimised Page

SEO Secrets Revealed – The Perfectly Optimised Page
August 17, 2013 Bodie Czeladka


a picture about keyword analysis


But getting Google to Index that content and rank in a way where you prospective customers can find it is another.

I know that when you think about SEO on page optimization a whole heaps of things probably pop into your head; Meta content, keywords, title tags etc etc

What if someone had developed a sure-fire technique, the perfect Search Engine Optimisation revealed for the perfectly optimised page? And whats to say we could trust them, I mean they would need to be a recognized industry player with strong relationships with the GOOGLE and also of conducted years and years of testing , failures and really know their sh$t.

Even then its subjective and open to change with the G’s next update.

Well thankfully Dilates good friends at MOZ have created a clever infographic that has brought us closer then we have ever been before to the perfectly optimised page.

Whats even better is it has Homer and donuts in it, probably due to the fact that MOZ CEO and founder Rand Fishkin is a massive fan of Matt Groening.

So without further a due please find this little Gem below.

What tips do you have for making sure each element on your site is SEO friendly? Share your advice with Dilate in the comments!

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