Programmatic Advertising services

Get wider reach, higher engagement and better return on your advertising investment with our programmatic media services. We’ll help you harness the power of AI and machine learning to optimise your ads and get more conversions. All while staying on budget.

The Smarter Way of Advertising

Access and grow your audience using wider inventory ad space online

Programmatic advertising is an automatic advertising process that uses the power of AI to make your online marketing efforts more efficient and effective. It’s what everyone is calling ‘the future of digital marketing’. And it could be the smartest move you make for your business.

Top reasons to invest in programmatic media services include:

  • Super precise targeting – traditional PPC advertising gives you targeting options, but programmatic ads take it a step further. Get down to the nitty gritty of who to show your ads to and when.
  • More qualified leads – super precise targeting helps you improve the quality of your leads to drive up conversions.
  • Money-saving potential – stop wasting time showing your ads to the wrong people and streamline your budget for maximum returns.
  • Save time – spend more time innovating and optimising your business and less time on unnecessary manual input by harnessing the power of automation.
  • Cross-platform access - take advantage of multiple advertisers across multiple platforms.
Increase Your Reach and Scale Sustainably With Programmatic Media Services

Increase your reach and scale sustainably

If you’re new to programmatic advertising, there can be a lot of terms to get your head around. But it’s actually quite a simple concept. Google uses a nifty analogy a nifty analogy – programmatic advertising is like an artist hiring an art dealer to figure out which art galleries are best to showcase their work in.

The artist is you, the advertiser, and the paintings are your ads. The art dealer is a demand side platform (DSP). Its role is to figure out where your ad should show up for the best results. If it likes a particular ad location, it’ll make a bid on your behalf – just like an art dealer would negotiate with a gallery curator.

In traditional advertising, you have to manually input information or negotiate in person with a publisher. However, a DSP allows you to automatically bid for ad placements across a wide range of platforms. This is how programmatic advertising can help your business increase reach with less fuss – all while staying on budget.

Laser Precise Targeting With Real Time Bidding

Laser precise targeting with real-time bidding

One of the most powerful features of programmatic advertising services is real-time bidding. This means you can bid on an impression by impression basis, rather than for a set of impressions like you would with traditional PPC advertising. By using AI and machine learning, programmatic bidding helps you show your ads to the right people. And it helps you stop wasting budget on the wrong audience.

The number one way to increase ad performance is to understand your target audience better. That way you can make sure your ads show to the right people at the right time for the right budget.

Back in the day, advertisers put their ads in locations where they thought people who matched their target audience would see them. But with our programmatic advertising services, you don’t need to take such a hit and miss approach.

By relying on data and algorithms, you have more fine control of where and when your ads show up on an impression by impression basis. This has big benefits whether you’re retargeting people who previously visited your site or prospecting for new customers. Programmatic advertising uses real-time data to make more informed decisions, winning you higher quality leads more of the time.

Programmatic Media Services Perfect For Big Brands & High Engagement Campaigns

Perfect for big brands and high engagement campaigns

Our programmatic advertising services are ideal for bigger brands and high engagement campaigns. Smaller brands looking to reach a highly localised audience can also see great results with a programmatic strategy. Not sure if it’s for your business? Talk to our team about whether programmatic advertising is the right move for you.

As with any marketing strategy, programmatic advertising doesn’t work with a one size fits all approach. That’s why at Dilate, the discovery and development stage is a crucial part of our process. We’ll help you figure out if programmatic advertising services are a good fit for your business. Then we’ll take time to understand your goals, your target audience and the competition you’re up against before creating and launching your campaigns.

Programmatic media services can be used for really large campaigns as well as highly accurate campaigns on a smaller scale. Whether your goal is to increase your reach or attract highly qualified leads, we can help you design a campaign that’s optimised for the kind of results you want to see.

Programmatic Display Advertising Agency & Automated Equals Better Efficiency

Automated equals better efficiency

If you’ve ever switched from manual accounting to automated software, you’ll know how life-changing the switch is. By using automated technology to handle the repetitive, everyday tasks you free your team up to focus on taking your business the next step forward. And you reduce the risk of human error.

The same goes for programmatic advertising. Automating the process makes it more efficient and cost-effective. Plus it gives you more time to focus on optimisation and innovation for your marketing campaigns.

If you’re a business owner or marketing manager, you know better than anyone how valuable time is. Having efficient systems in place – and the right people to implement them – is the key to improved performance and growth.

For many businesses, the automated programmatic process can lead to dramatic decreases in cost per acquisition – up to 96% reduction in some cases! In other words, by not wasting money showing your ads to the wrong audience, you could be paying less to gain new leads using programmatic media services compared to other advertising channels.

What Do Our Programmatic Media Services Include

What do our Programmatic Media services include?

Programmatic advertising has big benefits. But to get the most out of it, you need to know how to monitor, manage and adapt your campaigns for efficiency. Even the most detailed data points aren’t helpful if you don’t know what to do with them. Partnering with a programmatic display agency like Dilate can give you peace of mind that you’re maximising the potential of your programmatic ads.

What’s included in our programmatic advertising services?

  • Campaign development and strategy – we’ll help you create solid campaigns that are optimised for success based on your business objectives.
  • Advanced targeting – using a wide range of attributes, we’ll help you connect with the right audience at the right time.
  • Ad creatives – we’ll use compelling copy and enticing visuals to create ads that hit the spot with your target audience.
  • Performance monitoring and reporting – we’ll keep track of the data and report it to you in an easy-to-understand way.
  • Ad testing – we’ll run robust tests on your ads to look for opportunities for improvement and optimisation.
  • First rate expertise and industry knowledge – our team of digital marketing experts will make sure you’re getting cutting edge services to stay ahead of the competition.

Programmatic advertising is at the forefront of the digital advertising industry. Putting your strategy in the hands of a programmatic display advertising agency that stays ahead of the game and on top of all developments ensures your business can do the same.

Keen to see what our programmatic media services can do for your business? Call the Dilate team on for an obligation-free consultation.

frequently asked

Programmatic advertising is a type of digital advertising that uses automated technology to buy advertising slots (instead of manually buying them). The process relies on data and algorithms to show your ads to the right people at the right time and at the right price.

Here’s a breakdown of how programmatic ads works:

  1. A person goes onto a website that uses programmatic advertising.
  2. The publisher of the website sends dimensions of the ad space to a supply side platform (SSP).
  3. The SSP analyses the person’s cookies for demographic information like how old they are, where they’re located and what they're interested in.
  4. The SSP sends the demographic information to a demand side platform (DSP).
  5. The DSP reviews the information to figure out the worth of showing your ad to the person.
  6. The DSP sends an appropriate bid to the SSP.
  7. The SSP reviews all the bids it receives and chooses a winner.
  8. If you win the bid, the SSP shows your ad to the person.

Keep in mind, all of the analysing, reviewing and sending happens in milliseconds. The same time it takes for the page to load for the website user.

The data used can be:

  • First party data - sourced by your business itself
  • Second party data - collected by someone else, such as an agency, that shares that data with you
  • Third party data - sold to your business for a fee

Programmatic ads show up in a huge range of places across the internet, including different ad networks like the Google Display Network, and Shopify. You can use programmatic advertising for display, video and native ads.

A DSP or Demand Side Platform is a programmatic platform that allows advertisers to automatically place bids on ad placements from a range of publishers.

Instead of actually buying ad placements from a specific publisher, a DSP lets you bid on a range of publisher sites based on your target audience. In other words, a DSP helps you automatically serve your ads to the right people and stop wasting your money on showing your ads to the wrong people.

At Dilate, we use some of the most reputed DSPs such as DV360, StackAdapt and Match2One.

You can certainly handle programmatic advertising in house. However, the benefit of working with a programmatic display agency is the experience, expertise and efficiency they offer. Our team of experts can help you jump the learning curve and get to real results faster. Plus, we’ve got the experience to measure the right data points, interpret them correctly and apply them to see greater ad performance in the future.

 So, whether you’re after some digital help with Google Ads, Display Ads or the all mighty Programmatic Advertising, give the team a call!

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