Spring Clean Your Digital Marketing Strategies

By Bodie Czeladka in Dilate Digital on Oct 12, 2016

As you’re cleaning out your air conditioning filters, damp dusting the ledges, and scrubbing the corners of the shower this spring, why not give your digital marketing strategies a dust-off too? This doesn’t have to be long, laborious chore like the bottom of your oven is. While many of your digital strategies will be evolving naturally, there may be a few key components that have been overlooked or left behind that need the cobwebs removed. As a digital marketing company, we understand the importance of remaining relevant and advancing our platforms - here is your spring clean checklist to get your brand sparkling clean.

Get Into the Attic of Your Website

Websites can become convoluted and winding, so now is a good time to find all the forgotten, moth-eaten nooks. Comb through and ensure that your links are functional and lead to the relevant page, and any broken links are removed, while you assess your headlines and C2A’s for clarity and compelling language. You’ll probably find some weird parts of the brand's past that you forgot about, like a smug pair of shoulder pads, so clear any of those up and away, along with any content which you feel doesn’t fit your brand identity. However, consult your analytics before you make any irrational decisions. Remember how you threw out that jacket just before it became ‘retro’ and ‘vintage’? Your analytics will be able to tell you how your pages perform, and which ones you should hold on to - never assume this information, because if you’re mistaken you could be damaging your online marketing strategies.

Shake Down the Social Media

Like your website, your social media is probably a little more haphazard than you care to admit. If you’ve had multiple staff members handling updates, or it’s been a neglected part of your strategy, you might need to roll up your sleeves. Take a magnifying glass to users who follow you, or who you follow - inactive or fake accounts aren’t doing anything except negating data you could be analysing, so be ruthless and say goodbye. While you might think it’s great that you’ve got 1000 followers, if 850 are fake or inactive, and you receive 150 likes for a post, you might be inclined to think that your particular tactic hadn’t worked and your audience wasn’t impressed - leading you to change your tactics and potentially harm your strategy. You should also cull any content or images that don’t align with your brand - keep your brand synchronised and recognisable, and use this tone to respond to any comments or messages from followers.

Brighten Up Your Emails

When you’ve got a hundred things to do, the relief of an automated email cannot be rivalled, although this can become taken for granted at the epicentre of your digital marketing. If your email responses are getting stale, analyse your open/seen rates and results from any AB testing, and buff them up with some new content.

Elbow-Grease Your Brand

Sometimes when you’re up close with the subject, you need reminding to step back and assess the big picture. Is your brand evolving in ways that you’d hoped it would? Or, has it seemed to gain a mind of its own? Observe how all of the components fit together - taglines, fonts, colours, and logo all need to be assessed and brushed up if necessary. This might also be a good time to consider any new investments to further your brand.

If your digital marketing strategies are tired and you’re throwing your hands in the air, call our team at Dilate Digital, a Perth-based digital marketing agency.

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Hi I am Bodie Czeladka, surfer and devoted dad from Perth Western Australia and founder of Dilate Digital. I crafted Dilate Digital from a home theatre room in 2012 and worked solo as a freelancer until hiring my first staff member in early 2014. Dilate Digital now has the privilege of employing over 50 superstars world wide and this is just the start. I believe the best of me is still hiding up my sleeve.

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