Steps for Successful Conversion Rate Optimisation

By Bodie Czeladka in Dilate Digital on Dec 01, 2015

If you are finding that your business is struggling to compete against other online providers, it could be due to poor conversion rate optimisation. When it comes to efforts for lead generation, Perth business owners often forget about what happens when you get these potential customers through your virtual doors. increasing traffic on a zero % conversion is guess what? Still zero! You may actually be stifling your website growth with unproductive vanity metrics such as traffic or likes which alone do nothing for your bottom line, or simply an aversion to change. However, before you consider sacking your current lead generation company/specialist, you should consider this five-step plan.


Change is scary, so you won’t want to jump in with both feet. You are likely to find some resistance when you try to implement a new conversion rate optimisation program. Smaller initiatives can help you to deal with any internal politics and avoid attracting too much attention initially.

You will want to start your program in as a non-threatening way as possible, to avoid risk aversion colleagues getting your project shut down before you can prove its merit. By starting off small, you can concentrate your efforts on demonstrating the value to the company and increase your scope as you gain more support.

Based on above put together a test on an internal page, or create a new version of the home page on an internal page and then push a little traffic to it and use analytics to see if you get a better % of that traffic to your goals. (If you don't have goals set up you will need to read our blog post about setting up Analytics goal tracking)


KPI or Key Performance Indicators are the metrics that show how you are performing in relation to your business goals. The most important KPI for your marketing strategy is conversion rate, but this shouldn’t be the only thing you are monitoring. One of the simplest ways to fail with conversion rate optimisation is to become obsessed over conversions.

Your conversion rate as a single metric will fail to inform you where people are getting stuck, visitor intentions or even why you lose a visitor without a conversion. In fact, it is possible to achieve a high conversion rate but be suffering from stagnated sales. For example, you can increase conversion rates simply by drastically cutting your prices, but this would not increase profits.

Instead of obsessing over one metric, you need to focus on the KPIs that are linked to improvements in profits. This allows you to bring a tangible benefit to your business. More revenue means more marketing budget and more marketing budget means you can can scale those sales funnels once you have them converting like a cult.


Another disadvantage of only looking at conversion rate is that you are chasing obsolescence. While the top of the funnel is important, you need to assess each part of the funnel. Every aspect of the funnel requires different strategies and will have a different metric for success.

If you have do have multiple pages in your funnels working solely on the sales page might not be productive, if you could get twice as many visitors by tweaking the lead in page, then once you have removed those bottle necks focus your attention on the sales process or any cart abandonment.


Conversion rate optimisation services are constantly developing new tools and techniques that can be of benefit to your business. You will need to be prepared to keep learning about the limitations and strengths of new tools and strategies to source the best suited to your needs.

To find a list of some great conversion tools check out 'Conversion tools to help you convert like a cult"

Thanks for reading.


Checking your accomplishments against your KPIs is an important step for any successful strategy. You will need to check if activities are going as planned and if difficulties have arisen in the process. Regular monitoring allows you to change direction and tactics as needed.

If you are struggling for lead generation, Perth-based Dilate is here to help. We specialise in lead generation and conversion rate optimisation services. Our team would be happy to discuss your circumstances and develop a tailored conversion rate optimisation program to meet your requirements.

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