The Power of Using Ultimate Words in Your Marketing

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

While images and video are vital in advertising and will always catch the eye, this does not mean that you should give less thought to your copy. It is words that will ultimately convert a lead into a customer, but not all words are equal. There are five powerful words that are essential to use when marketing, and while they may seem simple, they convey powerful, primal ideas and that makes them the ultimate words to use when marketing.

1. Free

Everyone is always alert to the word free. It is perhaps the most powerful word of the five and the one used most frequently by marketers. Free could take many forms, such as free samples or a report that is given away for subscribing to a list. Scientists at Predictably Irrational wanted to test the power of the concept of free. They offered two chocolates to people; one was 1 cent and the other was 26 cents. The results were pretty even, with each chocolate garnering about 40% popularity, until the values were reduced by a single cent. Instantly, the power of ‘free’ took hold, and the free chocolate was chosen by 90% of respondents -even though the comparative prices weren’t affected.

2. You

Using the word "you" is powerful, because it encourages an introspective response- you begin to consider yourself and where you fit in the narrative. At the present time, we are not yet at the stage where every ad is personalised to your name -although that time is fast approaching- so until then the word "you" will make people think of themselves and their own name.

3. Instantly

We are still basic beings at heart, and humans by nature are usually impatient- so present them with the word ‘instantly’ and it conjures up sensations of instant gratification. There is nothing faster than instantly, and using it will get all sorts of sparks flying! In the human brain, quicker equals better as we desire instant solutions to our fuel our pleasure and prevent our pain.

4. New

It is very hard for a new brand to establish itself, as the human brain responds more favourably to the familiar. However, when used correctly in marketing, the word "new" can still be very powerful. Humans enjoy novelty, the word new reminds them of this and they will gravitate to “new arrivals”, “new for this season” and “new models” of familiar cars.

5. Because

We are curious creatures, constantly asking questions about the nature of the world we live in and trying to make sense of things. Because of this, this word because is extremely important to us as it presents an introduction to an answer. Scientists have proved that people can be persuaded to do outrageous things just by adding the word because to a sentence, regardless of the reason which follows. Which is why your mother probably always got you to do something, with ‘because I said so!’.

If you would like to know more about using compelling copy in your online marketing efforts, contact us. The Dilate team are experts when it comes to online marketing- including content creation. We can also handle designing your new brand or website, and optimising it for on page and off page SEO to make your online presence pop!

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Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

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