Tips From Our Email Marketing Services To Boost Engagement

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

Email marketing is a fantastic way to connect with your audience, but there will be times where your email marketing efforts might feel pointless. Whether it’s a sudden burst of cancelled subscriptions, or your click-through or open rates aren’t what they should be, user engagement is one of your most valuable metrics and anything that can be improved, should be. Our Dilate email marketing consultant has put together some tips for your email marketing which are industry renowned for breathing fresh life into stale email marketing strategies. Bon appétit, Perth!

Be Clear About What You’re Offering, And Make It Irresistible

When you make your offer, ensure that you’ve explained what they’ve agreed to receive. Most users won’t just throw their email into the box just because you’ve asked. For example, you could explain that they’ll be receiving weekly blogs, daily recipes, special discounts, or exclusive offers - something that you can provide that they desire. This will need you to get to know your audience; find out how you make them tick and bundle it up with your email marketing. There are plenty of things that you could offer that your audience wants, depending on your niche you have a few options. Whether it’s product updates or releases, exclusive sales and limited-time offers, or newsletters and articles, tell your audience what to look forward to and follow through.

Develop The Perfect Subject Line

The email is usually the easiest part - the subject line is where you have such little space to barter so much attention. Aim for less than 50 characters to create a short and sweet subject line that will capture their attention and send them straight into your email. Everyone's inboxes are brimming with emails, so you need to be clever and persuasive with your subject line. Use urgency (such as expiring offer), a question or query, or a certain phrase you know will attract attention.

The Famous Call-To-Action

Have your call-to-action in mind before you write your email, and keep it at the forefront of your email strategy. The call-to-action, whether it’s a social media share, a petition signature, or a discount, is what your email marketing largely revolves around, so you should make the fulcrum of your entire email. Make sure that it is clear and accessible, and has nothing distracting to pull the rug out at the last moments.

Make It Stunning And Shareable

Develop a balance between design and copy, where the message of the text is complemented by added mediums such as imagery. Aspects like colour and graphic design will need to be considered to avoid cluttering the email, or leaving it barren and bland. A well-constructed email will be able to be interpreted comfortably, and encourage the recipient to ‘share’. Social sharing buttons make it easy for your audience to distribute your content among their own friends and family. Make these buttons easily accessible, and watch as your emails disperse themselves.

Personalise And Refine Your Emails

This is beyond just using their name in the subject bar. Using data such as location, occupation, or interests can help you to personalise the emails for your reader. Many email marketing softwares allow you to develop targeted content to suit varying readers, resulting in a better experience for your brand and your audience. You even can segment your email list into groups, so that you can approach each of their various concerns or desires attentively with specialised offers or news.

Finding The Rhythm

Depending on your audience, this could be anything. It might be 6am daily; it might be fortnightly on Wednesday afternoons, or it might be within the hour after a big footy game. Only you can truly know, and this requires some trial and error. Consider your audience and think about when they might ready to read your email, and how frequently they wish to hear from you. Too many emails and you could lose them, too infrequent and they may become dissatisfied and unsubscribe. Analytics can help you to find your perfect email marketing rhythm, which will be crucial in determining your email marketing strategies. Once you’ve done all of these, the best thing you can do is to monitor them very carefully for responses. Subscriptions and unsubscriptions, open rates and click-through rates, and online traffic rates are all great yardsticks for you to survey and analyse, and the resulting data will give you sound advice on where to take your email marketing next. Email marketing is a business staple, so if you’re struggling to get a grip on your email strategies then talk to the team at Dilate. Our experts can overhaul your email strategies and mastermind your marketing, and even give you one-on-one consultations for you to implement new techniques yourself.

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