Top 3 Tips to create a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

Research shows that twelve times more text messages are sent compared to Facebook messages each day. Text messages are still more popular than Tweets, with up twenty times more texts sent on an average day. The continued popularity of texts has meant that there has never been a better time to implement SMS marketing. Service providers all around the world are using text messages to promote their brand, but implementing a successful campaign requires a little care and planning. Here are three top tips to create a successful campaign and avoid wasting your precious marketing budget on ineffective bulk SMS marketing


When it comes to SMS marketing, Perth business owners often make the costly mistake of failing to segment their target audience. One of the most frequent complaints of SMS marketing is that the messages are not applicable to the recipient. Delivering the right message to your target customer offers useful information that isn’t even recognised as marketing. Targeting and segmenting your marketing campaign means that any potential customer gets the most relevant message. This consideration creates the difference between offering an informational SMS marketing service and sending out spam. Use data such as demographics and purchase history to integrate your CRM and messaging platform. This will allow you to send the right message to the correct people.


Timing is the key to developing a successful campaign for your SMS marketing. Perth business owners will need to pay attention to two particular aspects of the timing to encourage success. Typically, open-ended questions will have a lower success rate compared to deals with an expiry. Therefore, you need to ensure that your message carries an “expires soon” message. The other aspect of timing relates to when you actually send your messages. Remember that your audience will receive your messages while they are on the go. So, while an email marketing campaign is likely to flop if you send out on a Saturday, sending SMS marketing messages while people are out shopping can offer great results. You will need to experiment with the timing of your messages as the results will differ according to your particular products or services.


Short and sweet messages can be an integral component of a successful campaign. Most carriers have a 160 character limit to text messages, which can impact on the length. However, another consideration is that the faster you convey your message, the better the results. For example, 25% off your next order. Expires Monday. CLICK HERE. This type of text will be more effective than a long winded message talking about the merits of your sale.Your message needs to convey something of interest to your customer as a frivolous text is more likely to annoy rather than encourage.Don’t forget to prettify any links to save characters and make it look more attractive. If you are considering SMS marketing, Perth business owners should speak to us. Here at Dilate, we offer a specialist SMS marketing service. Our team can assist you with all aspects of setting up a campaign and help you to quickly boost customer interaction and sales.

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