Top 4 Tips on How to use Native Advertising 101

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

As you go about your day-walking down the street, reading the paper, grocery shopping- you are exposed to anywhere between an estimated 3000 and 20,000 advertisements, ranging from labels on products to billboards and pamphlets. And, like a three year old with chicken pox, we have become so overexposed that we have become immune. That’s right, the trusted method of advertising has become passé, while native advertising fits the online behaviour of upcoming generations- and if you haven’t caught on to native advertising, you really should.  Native advertising differs from regular advertising, as it is attempting to quietly blend into its editorial environment. For example, rather than a company taking out a page of a magazine for a big picture of the product, they will put in sponsored content which promotes the product, often reading similarly to the other pieces in the publication. This has now become the preferred method of advertising, and as people become more selective with their online hours, brands must learn how to compete for the customer’s time.

So, how can you use native advertising?

1) Storytelling

No, we aren’t recommending you tell fibs to your readers! But to succeed in native advertising, your editorial skills are what will get you there. Invest in a well constructed piece which will engage with the reader, and get them interested in your brand.

2) Entertainment is key

28% of our new, tech-savvy generation say that entertainment is a must, and that number is only climbing. So with nearly a third of the most influential demographic skipping information that catch their interest, advertisers need to be tapping into consumers interests, and remain involving and intriguing.

3) Stay with the current

Native advertising only works if fits seamlessly within its medium and the appropriate market. Readers don’t want to feel interrupted, in the way that a pop-up advertisement from a website accosts your attention. The interest of the reader should carry over naturally, or you risk a quick dismissal from the sceptical online community.

4) Honesty is the best policy

Don’t try and play your native advertising off as a legitimate editorial piece. Clearly indicate that you have sponsored that material for advertising purposes, whether it is a banner across the top or a company logo by the title.  With native advertising on the rise, it’s important to companies to know and understand the effect of this on their consumer. With a blend of editorial and marketing skills, your company can generate quick customer interest without seeming intrusive or disconnected. So get your native advertising started with these tips and, as always, Dilate is here to help. With one on one business consulting, we are full of funky new trends and ideas just like this, to update your brand so you can stay ahead of the pack.

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