What Does A Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

For a Perth digital marketing agency, life isn’t so bad.

We chat with our clients, design their online platforms, and throw together the strategies that will define their success - and as the industry evolves and morphs, so do our tactics. In the middle of this vortexing are our clients, but not everyone sees the scope of digital marketing and what we can do until our strategies and updates have been implemented. In fact, we get a lot of questions from people asking “what does a digital marketing agency actually do?”. Marketing is always changing as it follows trends and social climates, and the world of digital marketing can feel like watching the rise and fall of Rome in a heartbeat. It seems like every time you blink one of the great pillars of marketing practice has been eroded by a new app or viral trend, and you’re left scrambling to make sense of this new development. Businesses of all shapes and sizes can at least benefit, if not thrive, from a powerful digital marketing presence. However, a poorly constructed site or strategy could do the opposite, causing your brand irrevocable damage. A digital marketing agency understands where to direct your online presence for maximum impact and cohesivity of brand.


Adwords is the most common form of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, and it allows you to display your ads on search engine results where it would reach the furthest into your niche market. By researching your industry and your target audience, a Adwords management agency can direct entire new streams of online traffic to your site.


By identifying keyword phrases that pertain specifically to your niche, a SEO marketing agency can use strategies to ensure that your website holds its ground among the search engine results and is garnering the most attention possible - and a booming business always needs maximum exposure.


If your website is a revolving door, then remarketing can help. Online visitors will be reminded of your fantastic value, latest sales, newest products, or unbeatable quality when they visit other websites. This way, your audience is viewing advertisements that are relevant to them and their interests, and you're focusing your marketing dollar on the online user that has already expressed an interest in your brand.

Email Marketing

Communicate with your audience with email marketing software to share the latest updates from your brand. Dangle that four letter word in the subject line for maximum attention-grabbing potency (we mean ‘sale’, people), and keep them informed of your latest brand news. With regular communication, your brand will be at the tip of their fingertips when they look online.

Content Marketing

Nobody knows your brand better than you. But to take the essence of your brand and blend it seamlessly with digital content and copywriting is a different avenue, and sometimes you need someone who can find how to combine what your audience wants to hear with what you’re trying to say.

Facebook Advertising

Ah, Facebook. The leviathan of social media. It seems hell-bent on making life hard for businesses lately, but it can be utilised with the right techniques and strategies, although it can be a full-time job in itself! A Facebook advertising agency can take on your social media and squeeze every last drop out of your social potential.

Conversion Optimisation

Online traffic is one thing, but if you’re running a business then you want to find out where the results become tangible. A digital marketing agency can develop your strategies so that they turn your audience into your customers, and they can find out exactly where they made it happen and how to increase that success. Phew! And that’s just the marketing stuff - just wait until you see our web design and graphic design services, where our designers really let their hair down. If you want to learn more about what a tech-savvy digital marketing agency can do and how your business could benefit, talk to the team here at Dilate. We’re a Perth-based agency built up of dedicated digital gurus, and we can help mastermind your digital marketing breakthrough.

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Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

Bodie provides some insight into Dilate's internal operations. How we approach what we do, and how we strive to be Better Everyday.


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