What is a Google Premier Partner? Key things you need to know now!

What is a Google Premier Partner? Key things you need to know now!

Tom Parker
By Tom Parker

A Google Premier Partner is any person or Google ads agency capable of providing digital advertising services that meet the qualifications of Google ads. These qualifications cover the criteria used to consider the agency's expertise level, client ad spend, the agency's client-base, and client growth levels. There are two badges an agency can gain – these are: Google Partner or Google Premier Partner. The decision on which badge is earned heavily depends on the agency's level of expertise and success.  When you see an agency with Premier status, it gives one the idea that the service being provided is at par with the industries best!

How Do You Become a Google Premier PartnerHow do you become a Google Premier Partner?

Getting a Premier status is the highest existing rank you can achieve at the Google Partner Program.  In our case, Google has awarded us as a Premier AdWords certified partner. We're proud to say that Dilate is officially listed as a trustworthy Google Ads Agency. The new Premier Google Partner badge recognises outstanding partners who manage a sizeable portfolio of Google ad campaigns that deliver exceptional results for their clients.  First off, you're most likely to achieve a badge when you once you have spent time learning and practicing everything Google AdWords related.  However, achieving a Premier status will require an agency to demonstrate profound AdWords skills and expertise. This means the agency also needs to be consistent with meeting spend requirements, delivering the desired revenue growth and continually growing their client base.  Google sets the bar high when distinguishing the best performing agencies through its highly respected partner program. These programs and badges are not to achieve some status over the others but instead for clients to gain peace of mind and trust with the Premier Partnered Google Ads agency of your choice.   The necessary steps needed to get recognised as a Premier Partner:

Step 1: Set Up A Company Profile

This one is pretty obvious, to appear in a Google Partner Search, you need to create a Google Partner company profile. You'll need to fill in the necessary information about your Google Ads agency such as the name, description, contact information, website URL, and the relevant services available.

Step 2: Earn A Google Certification

Your company will need at least two employees to accomplish the Google Adwords Fundamentals and advertising exam, to test their advanced knowledge in Adwords. If your team is filled with awesome SEO superstars (like ours 😉 ) who have both the skills and expertise on AdWords, this step will be a breeze.

Step 3: Spend Requirements

Google Partners need to make a 90-day investment of at least $ 10,000 in AdWords across their managed accounts and you guessed it, Google Premier-Partners need to invest even more!

Step 4: Company performance

To meet performance requirements your company will need to deliver an AdWords revenue and growth that reaches Google's standard. Additionally, it's vital to provide the necessary proof that your performance quality is remaining on the highest possible level. Above this, we also make sure that our customer base is constantly growing.

What Are The Benefits Of Being a Google Premier PartnerWhat are the benefits of being a Google Premier Partner?

Having the Premier badge allows you to receive premium benefits compared to those who have yet to earn the badge. In addition to your membership status, product updates, promotional offers, and account support, you benefit from the following additional features:

  1. Business strategy consultation
  2. Executive business training
  3. A dedicated account manager
  4. Invitation to the annual partners' summit
  5. Full access to all our features

Our clients benefit from our Premier Partnership with Google through having access to support and relevant data that can give us the advantage of developing efficient and timely ad campaigns.

5 Major Signs That It's Time For a Premier-Partnered Google Ads Agency To Step In5 major signs that it's time for a Premier Partnered Google ads agency to step in  

1. You May Have Gone Over Your Ad Budget

When you use Google AdWords, you are granted so many options on how to spend your budget. With a lack of awareness, you may end up spending more than your intended budget. Any Premier Partnered Google Ads Agency can help you organise your ad targeting and expenses better to make sure you hit your targets and smash your business goals!

2. Your Optimisation Strategy Barely Breaks Even

Is your current marketing service provider up-to-date with the latest Google news and changes? Do they have a sound marketing strategy that proves itself useful in terms of being one of the top-listed in the SERPs and yet doesn't fall short in providing value to their readers? Any digital marketing strategy that you've invested in that isn't achieving results is a huge sign to consult professionals who are at the top of their game in search optimisation. 

3. You Haven't Transitioned To A Mobile-First Mindset

In a mobile-first world, your potential readers are already surfing on the net through their mobile devices. This means that you can no longer ignore going mobile. Taking on the principles of mobile design and a mobile-friendly website as your website design's priority is a must to properly run an effective mobile advertising strategy to accomplish your monthly to quarterly goals. Consulting a Google Premier Partner Ads Agency will make sure that you meet Google's mobile-first requirements.

4. You Need The Benefits Of Accessing Google Betas

Google Betas guarantee full access to features, giving you more advantage over your competitors for all of your Ad campaigns.

Why Trust Us a Google Premier Partner To Help YouWhy trust us, a Google Premier Partner, to help you?

1. The High Level Of Trust We've Fostered With Our Clients

Apart from passing rigorous certification tests on various aspects of Google's Premier Partner Program, we've also done our work to grow our client base and revenue in the long run. This shows that our team has fostered a long-term and happy relationship with our clients. We don't only show that we have a high level of proficiency in running successful advertising campaigns, but we also show passion for helping our clients.  How this looks like behind the scenes is we've surpassed Google's requirements in actively running live campaigns. After all, becoming a true Premier Partner doesn't happen by merely passing a series of tests; it requires delivering high-quality results consistently.

2. We Understand Your Limitations And Have Full Access To Google's Beta Programs

One of the greatest advantages of hiring a Premier Partner AdWords Agency is getting the first wave of experience in Google Ad's new tools and features. Premier Partners can access Google's beta programs that are unavailable to other users, which adds more strength to your ad campaigns. That sets the bar high for your competitors.  We can quickly get in touch with Google representatives on any issues you're going through without having to wait for Google's official response. 

3. You Get The Results You Want!

Seeking help from an experienced Premier Partner sets the intention that you need to get the results you want out of your ad campaigns! All Google Premier certifications and exclusive access won't mean anything if your campaigns aren't profiting.  So, you need to take caution on choosing which Premier Partner to approach. Nonetheless, our agency has been consistent in meeting Google's performance standards also requires us to consistently meet specific performance standards that are directly tied to conversions transparent to you. The dynamic Premier Partner badge helps keep agencies "honest" in terms of maintaining a level of performance. 

Final thoughts on deciding to seek help from a Google Premier Partner

It's tricky to find an Adwords Specialist that meets your standard of growth and still have your budget optimised. This is why working with an experienced Google Premier Partner is a practical choice to make if you are serious about your ROI. Dilate Digital maintains its Premier badge in the Premier Partner program, because of how serious we are about helping our clients get the most out of their ad campaigns.  Get in touch with us to see how you can grow your business and profit with the help and expertise of a Premier Google Partner!

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