Yes, Content Is STILL King – How Your Business Can Deliver Better Content

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

Content is king. We know, you’re probably sick of hearing that often-repeated line but in 2017 it still rings true. For the best results, you want to be sure that your SEO services run alongside a strong content marketing strategy which focuses onproviding valuable, original content for your customers. If you want your business to deliver better content to your audience, here are some tips to get you started.

Provide value and interest

Whether you’re creating a blog, infographic, podcast or video, your goal with content creation should be to provide value. Don’t get too caught up with fancy wording– it’s all about giving original, interesting content which will make your audience stop and read. It’s no good throwing a heap of keywords into boring content and then expect it to perform well. Think carefully about topics which will engage your customers and write it in an easily accessible style.

Don’t focus on advertising

Although there are times when content will be used for promoting your business, such as your call the action at the end of a blog or the landing pages of your website, this generally shouldn’t be focus. With the amount of content available on the internet, readers are increasingly savvy about ignoring content which is clearly just a lengthy advertisement and they’ll quickly lose interest. It’s about relationship building with your customers rather than reminding them every two sentences of what your business has to offer.

Speak to your audience

Your content doesn’t need to be valuable to every single person who reads it – that would be impossible. Instead, you only need to worry about it providing value to your target audience. No matter how compelling your content, you won’t get far if it doesn’t actually interest your target group. Take the time to think about the demographics of your customers, what their interests are and what topics might appeal to them. Once you have a buyer persona in mind, you can target your content and develop ideas which they would find valuable.

Promote your content

If you’ve taken the time to develop interesting, engaging content for your customers, don’t let it just sit there doing nothing. Content creation goes hand in hand with content marketing and you need to get your content out there on social media and other platforms so your audience knows that it’s available.

Although you don’t need to extensively market every single piece of content your business produces, don’t make the mistake of creating great content and then just hope that people stumble across it. At Dilate Digital, we provide local SEO services and content marketing to businesses across Australia. We get to know your business so we can create high quality content which is directed at your target audience. If you’re looking for a company who delivers the best SEO service and a killer content marketing strategy to boot, speak to one of the team at Dilate Digital today on 1300 345 283.

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Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

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