You Need The Perfect Logo Design - Here's How

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

Now, we’re pretty much perfectionists about everything we do, so you’re probably not very surprised to read that we think your business needs the perfect logo design.

But we aren’t exaggerating; your logo is going to be stamped everywhere that your brand is, so it’s imperative that it conveys your core message. It needs to have personality and attract attention without being too convoluted and busy. It needs to have the right colour palette and symbology without being bland, obnoxious, or too vague. A lot to think about, right? You’re walking a figurative tightrope when you undertake a graphic logo design, and there’s not much of a net below - so if you need a few pointers from our Perth professionals in web design and graphic design, read on.


Colour psychology and association will play a huge role in how your audience perceive your brand, while increasing brand recognition by up to 80%. What message you choose to translate with your colour palette is up to you and the direction of your brand; during the initial design phases, however, we recommend sampling your logo in black and white first. When you see the logo colours in greyscale it becomes easier to recognise where colours can drown the message from its true form. Put it to the test again when you minimise your image into a smaller space - if the scaled-down version is difficult to interpret, there might be too much going on.

Colour Psychology:

Yellow: For amplified positivity (Ikea, McDonalds)
Red: For passion and energy (Puma, Red Bull, Coca-Cola)
Pink: For femininity and fun (Victoria’s Secret, Barbie)
Blue: For stability and trust (Samsung, PayPal)
Purple: For luxury and serenity (Hallmark, IBM, BBC)
Green: For calm, nature, freshness, and wildlife (Subway, Greenpeace, John Deere)


As we said above, too many colours can detract from the power of a good logo. This logic can be applied to all stages of your logo design.
The world's most iconic logos have become more and more streamlined - Google, Airbnb, Kodak, Pepsi, among others - and understated simplicity combined with a clear connotation is reigning supreme. While you might not have the might of Twitter or Nike, who can get their logos recognised in an instant, you should still aim for a simple and powerful design.
Keeping words and design separate will help you to achieve a minimalist logo with maximum impact. This is especially crucial when you’re considering your web presence - your logo will likely be used online as an icon rather than an entire image, so it needs to succinct.

Unique Design:

If you had to ask ten people in a room to design a logo for your industry, their first sketches might all come out pretty similar. It’s when designers are a few logos deep that they start extrapolating and developing designs with more meaning, and a few more designs after that until they’ve cleared away the clutter and found the perfect unique logo. Your logo doesn’t necessarily need to be the stamp of your industry; just because you run a fast-food joint doesn’t mean your logo should be a burger. Run far and wide from ‘the box’ while you’re brainstorming ideas and follow up any concepts you find particularly eye-catching.

Words or Lettering:

As we said above, the online amalgamation of logos and icons means that detailed and wordy logos should be reconsidered. However stunning custom lettering can still work together to create a powerful logo which works well for businesses that are largely conducted offline, such as cafes. If you do choose a worded logo then your font will become the graphic design, so make sure that it has the right visual element for your business. Fonts can communicate anything from decadence and mess, to speed and holidays, so cut back the word count to avoid clutter.

Graphic logo design is a definitive time in a brands conception, and it’s not a decision to be made quickly. Logo design is a fun and creative way for you to compact your brand into one little space, so take the time to let your brands quirks rise to the surface - who knows, it might be the next Apple apple!

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