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We’ve got pretty ambitious growth plans following a huge past couple of years and we’re looking for an experienced Digital Producer/s to join our team.

We’re looking for someone that wants to be part of that growth—meaning someone that’s keen to think outside the box, and wants to actively be part of improving the way we do things, every day. We want your ideas, your input and your enthusiasm.

So let’s start with a few non-negotiables…

  • Are you an experienced project manager?
  • Do you love to connect with people and help others grow their businesses?

Digital Marketing Strategist
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Still there? Awesome!

In this role you will take the lead on website production from client brief through to launch, utilising one of the best creative & marketing teams in the business.

You’ll be working closely with your team of talented designers, developers, and marketing specialists to discover what it is your client needs to build their business and develop their online presence. Alongside the team, you’ll drive Web & Creative projects from concept to completion.

Speak to us to see if it fits to you

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A typical day?

  • Collaborating. With our team at large. Sure, you’ve got your own specialists - but that’s not all, you’ll be working closely with our Head of Discovery, which leads me to...
  • Discovering. Get in front of the potential clients, get to know what they’re about. In order to get that perfect scope and achieve the client goals. 
  • Liaising. You’ll work closely with your account managers and client to drive the project to fruition. Managing expectations and communicating progress towards milestones to deliver a great client experience. 
  • Meeting Clients. Whether that’s in the Dilate boardroom, at their location, or on Zoom - you’ll be getting face to face with your clients (alongside your account managers).
  • Scoping Website Projects. From start to finish. You’ll listen to client wants and needs, and work with the account manager to translate that into the website of their dreams, planning out each step, and managing their expectations. 
  • Managing Your Team. You’re not in this alone! You’ve got an incredible team of marketing account managers, creative designers, developers, and specialists who are there to bring that vision to life as a fully functioning, fully optimised, and aesthetically pleasing website. You’re responsible for making sure the team works cohesively to meet the project goals, while maintaining timeline and budget restrictions.
  • Project Management. It’s about setting realistic deliverables, and being able to have those conversations with your team at each milestone - communicating any setbacks, but celebrating the wins too.
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What you need to be a Digital Producer…

  • Solid organisational skills including attention to detail, multi-tasking, and problem solving skills. You could be running up to 10 projects at a time, as well as grabbing the ad-hoc things that pop up in a fast-paced environment like Dilate.
  • Experience in customer service, or at least a distinctive customer orientation with brilliant written and verbal communication skills. You need to be articulate and empathetic towards our potential clients. Understanding them and their needs is critical.
  • Experience in Digital Marketing & Strategy. Having a sound understanding of current trends and consumer requirements is ideal.

Some added extras that would help you along the way…

  • Web Development skills. Maybe you’ve dabbled in WordPress, or perused through Shopify, if you have an understanding of how websites work, it’s really going to help you.
  • Graphic Design skills. We mentioned that you’ll have a team of designers working with you, but it never hurts to have an eye for aesthetics yourself. 
  • Events Management experience. It’s hard to seamlessly organise a successful event, but it’s a fast paced environment and those skills are valuable.
  • Sales and Business Development. Whether that’s telemarketing, working in a high-end fashion boutique, or even collecting charity sign ups. You’ve got the gift of the gab, and a whole lot of confidence to back it up.



Why Dilate?

  • At Dilate, you’ll be making a real impact. The businesses we work with, genuinely succeed.
  • Flexible working arrangements, including start/finish times and working from home.
  • Leadership that’s focused on your success and giving you real career progression.
  • Ongoing training, including opportunity for paid training, professional development and more.
  • Support, in the professional, mental and social sense. We back our people 100%, and are flexible and compassionate when you need it.
  • Dilate’s the most comfortable place you’ll ever be uncomfortable. We want you to push yourself, and push what’s possible—and we’ve always got your back.
  • We strive to be “better everyday”, a philosophy that permeates everything we do.

If this sounds like you, tell us. Please attach a cover letter, so we know you’re serious. We’re looking for people that want it, get it, and have the capacity to do it—tell us why that’s you!

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    Search Intent is Key

    Search Intent is Key

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        Leave your details below or give us a call on 1800 345 283 and let's chat about your goals, and how we can help grow your business.

        Free, No Obligation Audit and Consult.

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