14 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

14 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

Ah, the relentless pursuit of driving traffic to your website. There are one million strategies to drive traffic, and yet we can never seem to drive enough, am I right?

Well, we’re SEO service specialists here in Perth and we’re going to list the 14 most lucrative strategies you can implement into your business growth and marketing strategy to begin experiencing an increase in traffic, today.

These strategies are proven to work and have helped us to gain our clients a consistent increase in traffic.

So without further ado, the fifteen top tips for driving traffic to your website in 2019 are:

Get Cosy with Guest BloggingGet Cosy with Guest Blogging

Guest blogging, as you probably could have guessed is the process of writing blogs for other peoples websites. Why does this help? Because within the blog you write them you can backlink to your own website. Overall this will help to drive better brand awareness, encourage more referral traffic, grow your high-quality backlinking portfolio.


Focus on search heavy topicsFocus on search heavy topics

The secret sauce is finding high-volume, low competition search terms and topics. These topics are generally ‘trending’ and therefore present higher traffic potential. The key is to write long-form blogs on these topics and search terms consistently to drive traffic, and improve your visibility on Google.



Write interesting contentWrite interesting content

It’s pretty simple really, but everyone is churning out content like a cog in their SEO machine and they’re really missing the point. But the best part about everyone writing regurgitated nonsense is that there’s this perfect little untapped opportunity to write actually helpful and relevant content that blows people’s socks off. Like this article, our guess is your socks are completely missing by now, right?



Repurpose your contentRepurpose your content

It’s a sad day when a blog post never progresses and transforms into its total potential. And no we don’t mean making it go viral (although that’s an epic way to increase traffic to your website 😉 ) When we talk about a blogs full potential, what we’re referring to here is it’s repurposing capacity. 

A blog is not just a blog, a blog is also a social media post, a reddit article, a Facebook group thread, hell it could even be a Youtube video.

This increases your brand awareness, backlinking and referral traffic to your website. Don’t let your blogs just be blogs, let them reach their full potential and become repurposing machines.




Stop collaborate and listenStop, collaborate and listen.

Yeah, that subheader was too easy and we should have resisted, but we really couldn’t.

But, it’s not wrong. Stop what you’re doing, look for the right businesses, and partners to collaborate with and ‘listen’ to your audience to assess which collaborations work best. Then rinse and repeat, forever. The indicator is in the influx of traffic the collaborators send to your website. 

The key is to look for partners who have access to your audience but are non-competing. For instance, we’re a digital marketing agency, and often we partner with creative agencies or freelancers such as videographers to spread our brand awareness with their audience.

We could also do something similar with PR agencies, Business Consultants and Financial Advisors. All these businesses work in some capacity with our target audience ‘SME’s yet are non-competing.


Audit your existing contentAudit your existing content

Got any old blogs that are sitting there collecting virtual cobwebs? Why not update them and optimise them. Chances are if they were relevant and had a lot of traffic when you first released them that their Page Authority is quite high. Why not take advantage of it, and revive the blog post with more current information to help you rank higher again, therefore driving more content to your website.


Go social with social mediaGo social with social media

It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? But how active are you really on social media? When leveraged properly and often, social media can be one of the most lucrative ways to drive traffic to your website, and for most of your efforts - it’s completely free. If you’re a service-based business, don’t make the mistake of overlooking your social media in order to drive traffic to your website and fill your pipeline. We get ten leads a month from social media without having a super intense social media strategy and that keeps us well and truly stocked up as a business that works on monthly retainers. For e-commerce, well it can do absolute wonders!


Create Thought Leader PiecesCreate “Thought Leader” Pieces

How does this help? It ensures you keep your content creation at an incredibly high level always and positions you as a leader in your field.

When you create thought leadership pieces of content you have a far higher chance of generating consistent traffic that doesn’t ‘expire’ and continues to drive traffic and convert for months if not years. It helps to improve the lifetime value of your posts, and your man hours - so it’s not just increasing your traffic, it’s improving your operational efficiency and creating higher staff value. 

One hours wage becomes months of high-conversion value. It’s a lot better than one-hours wage spent on content creation and then *crickets, nada, flat-lining, silence.*

The main takeaway here? Make blogs that make an impact or don’t bother making them at all.


LinkedIn is worth looking intoLinkedIn is worth looking into

LinkedIn has a publishing platform that helps to market the content already present on your website. You can publish an engaging, relevant and high-quality post on LinkedIn and link that to your website which not only directs more referral traffic to your website but drastically improves the authority on your primary website post. Wins all round here, and super easy to do!


Be active on QuoraBe active on Quora

The easiest trick in the book is going directly to the people who clearly need your help, and where better to find them than on sites like Quora and Stack Exchange?

Quora is an epic platform for increasing traffic to your website. Search questions relevant to your business and answer with a link back to a specific blog or page on your site that answers it. Simples.


Infographics Increase TrafficInfographics Increase Traffic

Infographics are essentially just a cool form of clickbait. When you create high-quality infographics that actually provide serious value, because many people are visual learners, you can guarantee that you’ll see a massive increase in the number of people that link to it. Increasing referral traffic and building a pretty impressive backlinking portfolio at the same time.

Key requirement though? Graphic design skills have to be above average.


Mobile first focusMobile-first focus

Look, I’m aware that we harp on about this mobile-first approach thing a fair bit, but if people would listen to us we might just stop.

Jokes aside, if you’re really serious about wanting to increase traffic, increase conversions and create a sustainable thriving business, you MUST have a mobile-friendly approach to everything you do online. Everything you create on your site should be mobile-friendly, from navigation to blog writing. Everyone is searching on their phone these days and if you want to gain and maintain the traffic that comes to your site, you need to optimise for it so your site is enjoyable and easy for them to be on. 

Oh and side note, Google is paying attention to how good your mobile optimisation is too, and if it’s not upto scratch, Google won't be happy.


Merge Short-Form Posts into Long Form Game ChangersMerge Short Form Posts into Long Form Game Changers

Not going to lie, we stole this one from Ahrefs because they’re the kings of merging. 

The idea is that if you have to relatively short posts that focus on the same topic and really didn’t hit the mark with the amount of traffic you imagined they would bring in, you can merge the two posts together to create one epically valuable, long-form post that actually drives traffic to your site.


Create FREE StuffCreate FREE Stuff

Hands up if you like free things? I think we all do. In fact, I think each of us has an inbuilt spidey sensor that can sniff out the words FREE online. But offering value to people for FREE is one of the most bulletproof tactics to increase traffic quickly to your website. Providing things like from e-courses, ebooks and webinars offer a great platform to instantly increase traffic.

The best part is that once you’ve created the free collateral, you can automate it so it’s practically set and forget so you’re free to do what you do best, and your freebies are free to do what they do best - drive traffic.

So there it is, the 14 proven strategies to help you drive traffic and improve your SEO efforts in 2019. If you feel overwhelmed just reading this, you might be surprised to know that a lot of these strategies are used as a part of the strategy that SEO service providers like Dilate offer. If you want to improve your SEO but don’t have the capacity to do an effective job it might be time to reach out and seek help from an SEO agency like Dilate Digital here in Perth.

If you want to discuss your options, get in touch today to discover what SEO can do for you.

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