4 Important Display Advertising Trends You May have overlooked

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

There are plenty of strategies debated by leading display advertising agency experts. However, there are still important display advertising trends that often disappear under the radar. These trends could inspire new strategies that will have a massive impact on your business in the near future.


The banner ad is considered to be the main format of digital advertising for many years. However, the banner ad has also been blamed for interruption and bad user experience. Often an online display advertising agency will overlook banner ads, as it does not seem as important as a lead driven PPC campaign. It is often labelled as offering poor return on investment. Fortunately, many industry experts recognise that the banner ad is what a thirty-second spot is to a TV commercial. If we can craft an engaging and creative banner ad it can tell a good story and offer good value proposition get user attention which will help at a later date with a more aggressive less brand focused campaign.


Retargeting allows an advertiser to show Facebook or display advertisements to those who have visited your website but for some reason didn’t convert. This marketing approach is highly efficient in several ways including that it shows adverts to those who have already expressed an interest and because it can leverage the power of display and data. Figures from 2014/15 suggest that rebranding is given its own budget in 10% of all display advertising agency forecasts, with over fifty percent of those surveyed looking to use retargeting as a means to acquire new customers.

Retargeting is considered to be the second most efficient type of advertising online, beaten only by email marketing. Recent figures suggest that it offers an average of $10 return on investment for every $1.


The budgets for display advertising continue to grow year on year. The main reason for this is that people are spending more and more time online. According to statistics collated the average consumer spends 279 minutes watching television each day. However, they spend 332 minutes online. This increased time spent online has led to many marketers increasing their budgets by an average of 17% compared to last year.


CTR is considered to be the standard metric for almost everything online. CTR provides the first indication of a direct response, and if your (CLICK THROUGH RATE) is high, it translates into your emails, blog posts or ads being good.

However, CTR doesn’t always offer an accurate picture of your results. This metric uses the click as a means to measure performance but gives little consideration to engagement or what they do once they arrive on your site.. Since engagement is a more valuable factor when assessing performance, the latest trends are to focus on more relevant metrics. To properly gauge your campaign performance, you will need to consider conversions and engagement also.

If you are considering a display advertising campaign, speak to us. We are a specialist digital advertising agency and can assist with all aspects of marketing your business. The Dilate team would be happy to discuss your requirements and offer a tailored solution to meet your needs.

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