6 Beneficial Ways SEO Services Help Small Businesses

6 Beneficial Ways SEO Services Help Small Businesses

Tom Parker
By Tom Parker

Simply because you've taken the initiative to register a domain and build a website doesn't necessarily mean you've set yourself up for digital success. In fact, those are just the bare bones of what you need for a shot at online success. Stopping there will only guarantee monthly registration and hosting fees. Yep, that's gonna be a big nope from us. 

So you've got yourself a website, our guess is you'd like some customers following through, right? 

But what happens when you launch your site, and the customers are nowhere to be seen? We'll tell you what, you optimise your website to work for, not against you. 

But how do you achieve that, you ask? 

Simple, you invest in SEO services.

We provide SEO in Perth (our home town) to 80+ small businesses, similar to yourself. We offer it because we know it works. On a daily basis, we witness the success that our SEO services have on business growth and sales. 

So without further ado, here are six benefits that we see clients experiencing after investing in SEO services.

SEService Helps Small Businesses Increase Traffic VisibilitySEO services help small businesses increase traffic & gain visibility


Did you know that the majority of internet users don't look past the top three listings on their Google search query? Or that only 10% of searchers ever make it to the second page on Google? The number one reason small businesses invest in SEO is to elevate their business and help them gain access to a bigger audience. There's no question about it; for your business to even have a chance at standing out from your competitors online, you NEED to establish a damn good presence. Simply put, you need to get your business showing up on the first page of Google search results. Even if you have the most superior service or product, your customers will buy from your competitors if they can't find you! 

One of our passions is creating in-depth SEO strategies that utilise qualified keywords and genuinely considers the user's search intent. Through this holistic approach, we're able to ensure that you'll show up in the search engines for the service or product that you offer, increasing your traffic and helping your small business gain significant visibility.


SEO Services Strategically Position You in Front of your Target Market

SEO services strategically position you in front of your target market

SEO experts are kings at understanding your business and your customer's search intent. Once they know exactly who your customers are, they know what they need to do in order to position you in front of them. They're well equipped with the skills and tools to research and understand how and where your prospective customers will search for your business. With this info, we're able to construct an actionable keyword map for your website and off-page strategies. Combined, they make your brand a force to be reckoned with through having a fully optimised website AND a strong off-page presence. This perfectly positions your business right in front of potential customers who are most likely going to engage with your company and possibly make a purchase.


SEO Services Expand Your Reach Beyond Search Engine VisibilitySEO services expand your reach beyond search engine visibility

The truth is that although your Google rankings play a super important role in your online success, there are countless of other avenues that need to be considered. I mean, think about it... your customers don't just hang out on Google, do they? Depending on who they are, they might spend more time searching for a business like yours on LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, Instagram, FB, or Youtube. Or perhaps it's smaller local directories that they'll access to find your business.

The fact is that there is a multitude of platforms that might heavily influence your prospective customers purchasing decisions more than Google alone. SEO services heavily focus on identifying the most popular platforms that your customers spend time on. They then create a kick-ass strategy that enables your business to show up right in front of them, regardless of where they're spending their time online.

On top of this, ensuring that you rank high across a spectrum of different platforms and search engines helps your overall ranking and, ultimately, increases the visibility of your business on more than just one platform!


SEO Services Improve the User ExperienceSEO Services improve the user experience

You know that saying 'Rome wasn't built in a day'? We feel similar about SEO. It's not a one-off service; it's an ongoing service that requires some time for continuous tweaking and fine-tuning. SEO experts are always on the lookout for potential user experience issues that could negatively impact your ranking because a bad user experience warrants a penalty from Google. With all this said, it's kinda like a 2-in-1 deal when you invest in SEO; you'll get 'user experience management' service for free! 

SEO experts also want to ensure that you have a good user experience because just as a bad UX can have negative repercussions, a positive UX can significantly benefit your organic ranking. Google rewards websites where visitors navigate multiple pages per session, have longer average session durations, and higher click-through rates. This is because Google's primary focus is to give the user the best possible experience. They want to make every single user experience easy and seamless, so when websites can demonstrate that they too fulfill those same customer values, Google celebrates them by ranking them higher on the search engine food chain. 


SEO Services Encourage Brand Awareness Customer EngagementSEO services encourage brand awareness & customer engagement

Your visibility will grow over time, and this will enable your brand to become both more recognisable and popular. For any company to grow, they need brand awareness. Through proper SEO techniques, your business will become more visible across search engines and social platforms, allowing you to become a trusted and reputable brand name. This enables your business to, over time, become more (and more!) visible a variety of different search terms, playing a key role in continuing brand growth. Having your business in one of the top spots of search engine results will allow you to gain a large number of visitors, which in turn enhances your Brand awareness. To put things bluntly, ranking higher for multiple keywords plays a significant role in brand awareness.

Similarly, as SEO teams work to optimise your website pages and blogs, they naturally streamline your messaging, services, content consistency, and navigation, making customer engagement a more consistent and efficient process.


SEO Services Handle the Critical Technical DetailsSEO services handle the critical technical details

Lastly, one of the key ways that an SEO Service can help your small business is by handling all the specific details and development tasks that are working against your website's SEO success. You now know that SEO is beneficial for increased search engine ranking, website traffic, and visibility, keyword optimising, building backlinks, content creation, and user experience. Above this, they're also highly specialised wizards at identifying and eradicating technical issues that could potentially decrease your ranking. From increasing page speed, optimising on-page SEO, rich snippet and schema implementation, internal linking structures, and general site audits, SEO experts have your back, day and night. 

Now that you know that SEO services are a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy, it's definitely an investment that you (if you haven't already) should look into. So, if you're a small business owner with a website that you think reckon could be better optimised to capture a bigger portion of the market. Then, we have the teams, resources, expertise, but most importantly, the passion for creating killer SEO strategies for small businesses!

If you're ready to gain more traffic and an epic return on your SEO investment then, go on, give us a call and let's get down to business!

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