6 Digital Marketing Trends To Write Down

By Bodie Czeladka in Dilate Digital on Jun 20, 2016

Often referred as Perth’s leading digital marketing agency –I’m sure I heard that somewhere-, Dilate is committed to staying ahead of the trends with the world of online marketing. We scour every nook and cranny for tactics and tools, and our clients are among the first to see the sun when a revolutionary strategy is formed. With all this in mind, the next few years of digital marketing are bound to be an evolving amalgamation of streamlined product awareness and the human psyche.

Read on for our top predictions in digital marketing trends.

1. Quality over Quantity- Attention over Clicks:

For some of us technophiles, there’s simply no point in having a single tab open on your browser. Why not forty? When you look up ‘local pizza’, why not open a page on all of your options, until you have found the one which can appeal to you? This is where the power of clicks will begin to change in the future. As attention spans are infamously decreasing, soon your ability to hold a fish on the line needs to be as good as your cast. This will have a huge effect on a business which operates a digital platform, as your business needs to become a comprehensive online experience to the user, with interesting articles or videos.

2. GIF City:

In a world where you currently can explain almost any emotion in a careful arrangement of emojis, what could become more succinct? More entertaining? Yep, you guessed it- GIFs. Social networks already encourage the spreading and creation of GIFs, which can be quickly attached to a thought or moment, where it may accurately match the user. You can look forward to using GIFs to tell stories, or summarise your opinion on a matter, and emojis will become largely underused, like the colon/bracket. : ).

3. From Tablet, to Paper, to Tablet:

Many years ago, mankind switched from stone tablet to papyrus. 2016 is set to be the resounding nail in the coffin of print media, with all major digital experiences becoming more and more prevalent, and unwitting print publications toppling off the wayside. Where print media was purchased by the reader, now the content is pre-purchased by the marketers- somebody has to pay the writers. There will be a definitive agenda behind most online print, so we can expect to see more and more brands appearing alongside seemingly innocuous content.

4. Shake The Hand Of Your Favourite Brand:

Oh, the mirth, when we see one of our favourite brands responding to online inanity like a regular person. This novelty of a company having a persona and interacting as such will become more and more prevalent within the next four years, and require more and more transparency from the company. Where once a business owner could have shrugged away the operations of their business, they are now more accountable than ever, realising you cannot behave like a person to the public, behave like a crook behind the scenes, and not expect your consumer to feel personally betrayed. This will mean each brand, in order to be likeable, will tap into current affairs like climate change, LGBT awareness, or other social issues, in order to connect. And, while this might not necessarily be done from the good of their heart, there isn’t a downside to a shoe company planting a tree for every purchase, or a hair product avoiding animal testing.

5. Marketing and Sales- Two Sides of the Same Coin:

Currently, most sales reps are now being left in the dust of digital marketing. In most cases, the digital marketing efforts actually entice and ‘sell’ the product or service, leaving only the dotting of i’s to the sales rep. As people continue to be wary of salesmen after years of a dishonest and slick reputation, digital marketing becomes more intuitive with the user experience. While the sales rep will still be part of the overall structure, much more emphasis will be placed on the digital marketing.

6. Content:

For any digital marketing strategy, there will need to be a complete use of content. From articles and blogs, to powerful videos and imagery, your online presence will need to be about so much more than your product or service. If you’re looking for a way to create an online presence that will captivate your audience and curate fresh, exciting content, look for an online marketing consultancy with a great track record.

Dilate is the gem in Perth’s digital marketing crown, with online marketing consultants who can create your entire web presence. Call our team today and organise a free, no obligation consultation if your digital marketing could use an overhaul.

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