6 Tips to Get More Local Customers from AdWords & Facebook Ads

6 Tips to Get More Local Customers from AdWords & Facebook Ads

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

As an advertising agency in Perth that specialises in Facebook advertising for local businesses we have a few tricks up our sleeve to ensure your investment pays off and today we’re going to tell you a few of our “not so secret” secrets.

When it comes to making the most of your advertising spend and really optimising your PPC campaigns, there are a few marketing techniques to really amplify your efforts and earn you impressive returns on your ad spend! When all of these techniques for local adverts are combined you’ll be amazed at the results you can receive from your Facebook advertising campaign.

Here are our top 6 “not so secret” secrets for optimising your Facebook Ads campaigns as a local business.

1. Get Specific on your Location Targeting

Get Specific on your Location Targeting

One of the most obvious places to start when it comes to creating a target audience as a local business is to target specific locations only.

This is the easiest way to ensure you’re only reaching the people that are actually within a realistic distance of your business. You can target by country, city, and even postcode. So if you’re a local auto repair business in Welshpool, it would be in your best interests to ensure you’re only targeting people within that certain area, or those that pass that area on a public transport line to and from the city. Targeting people in Rockingham or targeting Perth city as a whole will only chew up ad spend.

2. Location-Specific Ad Content is King

Location-Specific Ad Content is King

Write content specifically for your location. Ad copy relevant to the geographic location can seriously boost your conversions as people more easily identify with you. It also encourages consumers to act knowing that you’re in a convenient location for them.

A massive 80% of consumers actually want you to create ads that are customised to their geographic location due to this reason. Up your chances of getting lower cost conversions and create copy for your specific consumers.

3. Schedule Your Ads During Open Business Hours

Schedule Your Ads During Open Business Hours

Here’s a crazy statistic for you to swallow: 20% of paid search calls go directly to voicemail and nearly 60% of those voicemails suggest that the caller had an intention to buy. This is a massive percentage of potential customers that were ready to convert but simply called at the wrong time due to the poor time scheduling of the ad. Instead of wasting your customer’s time and your hard earned ‘ad spend’ money by keeping your ads on 24/7, you can actually schedule them to show up only during business hours when someone is available to answer the phone.

If, however, you want to make the most of those that do search for business during evening hours - perhaps curate your copy to prompt a different action - or alter your phone number to a private mobile number if you’re personally happy to take the call.

4. Increase Bids for Mobile Devices

Increase Bids for Mobile Devices

Nearly everyone is using their mobile these days. It’s more convenient and as we become busier and more time poor, convenience really is key for consumers. Knowing this, an easy win is to allocate a higher portion of your budget to increase bids specifically for mobile devices.

A large portion of consumers that discover a business on their mobile device when searching for a specific product and/or service visit that venue within a day, which is money well spent when it comes to advertising as a local business!

5. Change up the Campaigns Objective & Call-To-Action

Change up the Campaigns Objective & Call-To-Action

When it comes to Facebook advertising, Facebook allows for some really cool customisations. We definitely recommend researching ALL of these micro customisations but one to mention here is most definitely your ads CTA or (Call To Action) and the specific objective you use for your campaign.

It’s important to choose an objective specific to the advert itself. Is it an ad built to grow your brand awareness, or are you having a sale? Whatever the intention is, make sure this is mirrored in your campaign objective. You can choose from a range including

  • Awareness
  • Traffic
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • Form Conversion

In addition, your CTA is just as important for your ad as your objective. Consider the action you want the customer to take and adjust your CTA to represent this. On top of this, it’s not enough to simply choose the “Book Now” CTA if you’re directing them to a link that isn’t optimised for conversion. Ensure you’re website is ready for conversion, too.

6. Adjust by Assessing the Data

Adjust by Assessing the Data

Data is one of the most important factors of a good marketing campaign. Ensuring you’re recording the data is essential to optimising your campaigns and your local business. As a local business, data can also refer to calls, which is why investing in caller analytics is so good for businesses. At the very least, you should be manually monitoring how many calls you get, how many convert, how many are missed and rating your customer service on every call - making notes of what could improve the next time. Although this sounds like a lot of work, it is indispensable to the improvement of your business and identifying what drives conversions.

As a local business, Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to gain exposure and increase your conversions online, but when executed to its full potential, your foot traffic can drastically increase. At Dilate Digital, we’re experts at helping local business increase awareness in all the right places to help you achieve your desired results. If you’re looking for an advertising and Facebook agency in Perth to help your business experience serious growth this year, call Dilate today, and let’s start something special.

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