Build A Bridge Between You And Your Online Customers With These Easy Tips

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

With the internet sprawling out before you and data analytics coming in, even the best internet marketing experts can forget that they’re mapping real human people as they interact and form attachments to your brand.

It’s something that we humans do from both sides of the table; the customer also forgets that there are real people behind a screen somewhere, interpreting data and forming strategies, and this can damage your chance at forming a solid connection between your brand and your customer.

Use these easy tips, fresh from our team of internet marketing specialists, to bridge the gap between you and your customers, so they’ll be singing your praises and coming back for more.

#1    Be Real

You think you can get away with saying one thing and doing another? Think again. Your customer knows when you’re lying, either from your online reviews, word-of-mouth, or their own personal experience with you. Working with a financial aim in mind is a critical part of any business, but your customer relations should be your priority above all else. Give your brand a tangible character that customers will love and relate to, and stick to your brands’ ethics.

#2    Open The Lines Of Communication

Communicate with your customers regularly, and ensure that they feel that they can do the same. Everyone’s had a bad experience with a company that doesn’t seem to have a base anywhere, or a phone number that ever gets answered, or an email that never gets read. Prove to them that you’re committed to following up on issues and rectifying mistakes, and they’ll appreciate how much care goes into your brand.

#2 ½     Communicate Opportunely

This is kind of like Point #2, but it branches off because it requires a little more forethought; connect with your audience during major points of their conversion, to assure them that they’ve made a great decision and to offer any assistance along the way. Reach out once they’ve committed to a purchase or subscription, and see if there’s anything further they’d need. Another critical point in their journey is any potential mishaps that haven’t been efficiently solved, where your customer is probably reaching Krakatoa-like rage. Step in and thank them for their patience, and give them the assurance they need that you’ll be remedying their problem. You may even want to offer them a token of compensation, but usually the customer just wants to know that they’ve been listened to, and understood.

#3    Make The Table Longer

Invite all of your customers and subscribers to come together, whether it’s on an online forum or a real-life meetup. Your brand should constantly be evolving towards its target market, and aiming to become the defining product of the market community. Like runners and Nike, design and Apple, there is a very unique gathering of like-minded people forming around your brand - bring them together through brand-organised channels, and you’ll become a recognised part of a lifestyle.

#4 Think Like Oprah

Oprah’s fans love her because she loves them back - and she shows it. No more of this wishy-washy, aapproval speech “I’d like to thank my fans…” - Oprah will literally give you a car. Reward your loyal customers, with discounts or giveaways, or exclusive tips and features, and soon all your part-time customers are coming to you first. There’s only so many customers you can cycle through in your niche before you run out, so once you know you have someone who loves your brand, show them respect back. And maybe some goodies too.

For more space-age internet marketing tips from leading marketing consultants around Perth, contact Dilate Digital. Our team of internet marketing specialists and experts work hard to understand what it is in your industry that can set you apart online, and our secrets are tried and tested by our digital development and management team. Want a proven track record of success like our clients? Call Dilate Digital.

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