Dust Away The Cobwebs with Fresh User Generated Content

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

In the face of years of merciless advertising, Google has been slowly adjusting algorithms in the hopes of creating a more intuitive experience for the browser as much as they're working for a natural result from the site. Now your website must be fresh, exciting, and maintained, as Google undergoes a digital gentrification. So how can you create new, interesting content? Why not use the same tactics as some websites, who are enlists their users for content creation?

What Is User-Generated Content?

User generated content, or UGC, gives your audience the opportunity to express themselves through your platform, connect with others, and to connect with the brand they love. This can be anything from reviews, social media, and blogs, to contests and photos. This can take place on your website or on a third party host such as Facebook or Trip Advisor- but if they're talking about your brand, they're writing your UGC. Read more

Why Should You Use It ?

Okay, so you need the content, which is a perfect point on its own. But if you still need convincing, here's a few more reasons to dig up some user generated content.

  • Get to know your consumer

Using this content you can learn more about your customers,and what they see as valuable about you and your brand. This can be especially beneficial when you're developing your buyer persona, which will help you shape your future business projects and marketing techniques.

  • Boost your web traffic

As more content is created about your website, traffic will increase and your customers will experience a bridging between their experience and your brand, as a channel for shared dialogue becomes apparent.

  • Quality content means more attention

SEO is leaning more and more towards overall amount of time spent on a website, so quality content is imperative. This is also a notable factor in online  conversions, so you can't afford to skip engaging content.

  • Customer satisfaction

After  all, who doesn't like being heard! Your customers will love to see their feedback representing your brand, and it is more likely that they'll be able to offer brand insights to other consumers which you might not have considered from a providers perspective.

  • Appease your SEO team

Your customers are more likely to use words common amongst your target demographic, which will help your search engine optimisation for other users searching those terms. Not to mention the boost in interaction and amount of time spent on your website, which are all key components to an effective SEO strategy.

How To Use UGC?

As UGC is often curated across platforms other than just your own, it can feel a bit scattered at the beginning. The easiest way to get content delivered to you, is to simply give your customers the avenue they need.

  1. Source content from social media

If you have delighted customers uploading images or videos of themselves and your product or service, share it on your social media sites with a link back to your website for a boost in traffic.

  1. Feature and promote great pieces

With permission from the creator, find a piece from a consumer which you feel can speak volumes for your brand, and include it on your website. Testimonials and genuine feedback shows brand reputability, and interest in customer satisfaction.

  1. Implement UGC into giveaways or competitions

Create a contest or giveaway, especially effective on social media, where your customer must include an image, type of content, or hashtag to be in to win. With permission, that content can be repurposed and included in your UGC strategy.

Integrating user generated content into your overall strategy is easy and effective, and is an ever-changing source of content and inspiration- while working wonders on your conversion optimisation. Want to find out more ways to optimise your conversion rates? Dilate Digital is Perths leading conversion rate optimisation services, with all sorts of tips to keep you ahead of the rest of your market. Contact our team to find out how we can help your business, Call .

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Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

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