Five Reasons Why You Need Remarketing, Right Now

By Bodie Czeladka in Dilate Digital on Dec 14, 2016

You might think your online campaigns are succeeding- and, to an extent, they probably are. But nowhere near as much as they could be, if you aren’t using remarketing. With 96% of website visitors leaving the page without the desired action, it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are turning to Dilate to find out the secret of remarketing, and how it can work wonders for your online business. If that wasn’t enough to get you thinking, here are our top five reasons that you should be investing in reliable remarketing services.

Remarketing: The Basics

Remarketing allows you to tag your site visitors, and offer them ads on other websites they’re visiting to encourage them back to your site. The content could be anything, from a call to action to fill out a form or take advantage of special rates, or to promote a piece of content they may not have already found on your site.

1. Convert your viewers into buyers:

Many potential customers will walk away from a deal or purchase they desire, and remarketing acts as a new branch of engagement for them to reconsider. Most visitors will need to be exposed to a message seven times before they’re prepared to commit, so remarketing allows them to consider their decision further as they get closer to committing.

2. Opportunity to reengage:

Maybe your customers aren’t quite ready to splurge out on some new shoes from your online store, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve lost them completely. Use remarketing to notify them of a new blog post about tips in your industry, or upcoming events, to keep them engaged with your brand and excited about your products or services.

3. Improve your marketing ROI

Digital marketing is the kind of game where if you’re not investing properly, you might as well not play. While you could be doing many other things to improve your ROI, remarketing is a great tool to target visitors with a special interest already in your website. With Adwords remarketing services, you can even specialize the response to the action of the visitor. For example, if your visitor had a full shopping cart but leaves before paying, you could promote specific sales or discounts about their items, or upcoming uses for such a product or service. Now your dollar goes further, rather than just blindly advertising at anyone in front of you.

4. Increase brand awareness:

If your visitor spent some time browsing your site, they might leave and never think twice- no matter their interest. Remind them of your brand so that you’re at the forefront of their mind when they’re reconsidering a purchase in your market, and even display your ads to people who have similar search behaviours to your active viewers- even if they haven’t necessarily visited your site.

5. Strengthens content marketing strategy:

Content marketing is a hugely powerful tool, and remarketing complements your efforts for significant results. By monitoring aspects of the conversion path, such as the pages which direct your visitors to making an action. If you can map a path from one page to a conversion, you can create directions to these pages or design similar pages.

With advertising now everywhere and anywhere, some people are cautious to listen to advice such as remarketing, finding it ‘creepy’ to follow your visitors. However, this actually streamlines the online experience for the user as much as your business, as they’re only being exposed to sites or offers which are relevant to them and their interests, rather than bombarded with advertising from services or products which have no use to them. With a smart remarketing campaign that doesn’t hound the user, you can develop an intuitive advertising campaign that benefits your user without harassing. A poorly constructed remarketing strategy can feel obtrusive to the user, so make sure you’re choosing from remarketing agencies with a proven track record, that knows the online marketing landscape like the back of their hand. Dilate Digital is a comprehensive digital marketing agency, and we offer remarketing services that will boost your conversions and online traffic- with a few mouse clicks and some clever content, your business can go to the next level.

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Hi I am Bodie Czeladka, surfer and devoted dad from Perth Western Australia and founder of Dilate Digital. I crafted Dilate Digital from a home theatre room in 2012 and worked solo as a freelancer until hiring my first staff member in early 2014. Dilate Digital now has the privilege of employing over 50 superstars world wide and this is just the start. I believe the best of me is still hiding up my sleeve.

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