New Year, New Website For Dilate Digital

New Year, New Website For Dilate Digital

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

I don’t know if you’ve heard the news but we recently launched an epic new website. The build had a unique focus on creating an epic user experience through streamlined functionality and purpose-driven content. Check it out but be prepared for some serious web envy!

So why did Dilate decide to build an entirely new website from scratch?

Good question. Perhaps we're thrill seekers, perhaps we enjoy the challenge, or perhaps the commitment to innovation is what drove us to embark on this new quest. The correct answer, however, is a mix of all of the above reasons. But mostly? It’s due to the necessity to facilitate growth. With the amount of growth that Dilate Digital has experienced over the last 12 months, we decided it was only fitting to give the website a much-needed facelift to compliment the continued growth in the real world. Expanding to more than 50 staff worldwide and providing marketing services for more than 100 businesses, Dilate is quickly making a name as industry leaders in the marketing realm. That same drive that prompted such fast and well-maintained growth also drove us to provide a better experience in all facets of the business and, with that, the new website project was launched.

The 4-Step Methodology

Our 4 Step Methodology To begin the journey the our team adopted the 4-step methodology, the same approach we take on for the businesses we provide marketing services for. Dilate is not about cutting corners just to get things done. We have structures in place for a reason. That’s why we insist on creating a plan before we jump in.


Discover First, we did a deep dive into our current website and what we wanted our new website to represent. What did we want the new website to feel like, what actions did we want visitors to take on their site, how did we want to tell our story and how did we want our visitors to feel? Once we clearly understood the objectives of our website, only then could we move on to the next step. This phase required the expertise of a large portion of the Dilate team including the two partners, the operations manager, the head of development and two marketing managers skilled in content marketing, SEO and branding.


Build Once the roadmap was laid out, the objectives were defined and the new branding guide was complete, the development and SEO teams worked together to build the most intensive, SEO optimised, functionality-driven website the team has built to date. There is not a single image, word, page or button on our website that was not intentionally placed there and signed off on. Each page had a specific checklist and a series of 6 people had to check off each page to ensure every job was complete. You can rest easy knowing that our team REALLY don’t do anything in halves.


Launch After a 3 month long build by some of the most skilled web developers in the industry, the Dilate Digital website was thoroughly tested by our entire team, ensuring the functionality and journey was easy, logical and error free. Then, without so much as an “All systems are go!” speech from Directors Bodie and Tom, there was lift off and the website is launched into the online stratosphere.


grow Since the website went live, we've received nothing but positive feedback regarding the new look, design and feel that showcases why we are one of the biggest in the business. Dilate Digital is a team that practises what they preach, strives for innovation, and ensures they’re always implementing the very best digital marketing practices for our clients. Our new web build simply amplifies what your experience with them will feel like.

Curious to see the difference?

Below is a few examples of how we have adapted and changed to remain relevant, current and on trend in the marketing world. It showcases our focus on genuine website functionality, ease of navigation, strategic content curation and a memorable user experience. If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency to help you rebuild your website with a clear trajectory and plan in place, Dilate Digital has proven once again that our foresight and ability to execute on a plan is second to none. There’s a reason we're growing so quickly, and it’s because we really are damn good at marketing and building websites that sell.

Homepage Header V1

Our previous homepage header

New Homepage Header

Our New Homepage Header

The new website showcases a streamlined, easy to navigate homepage which is minimal whilst engaging and on brand. The real strength in this design is that it elicits a single action to “take that first step”. Many web builds tend to over complicate this first homepage above the fold by giving the user too many options - this more often than not leads to inaction opposed to action.

Main Navigation V1

Main Navigation

New Website Navigation

new main navigation

The new website navigation has been completely stripped back, with no unnecessary distraction and improved navigation between the main menus and sub menu. Whereas the previous menu sacrificed functionality for visual cues which, whilst an important component on websites, should not be prioritised over functionality.

Content Curation V1

content curation V1


New Website Content

content curation v2

The new content is strategically curated to take the user on a journey. It’s written FOR the user as opposed to Dilate. It highlights Dilate’s practises, informing the user of what they can expect when, and if, they partner with Dilate. In a way, the content pre-qualifies both the client and Dilate to be good fits for each other. The content is written to attract a certain audience, and when that audience (prospective client) enquires, they’re essentially saying “I am your target client, and I’m interested in working with you, too”.

If you’re a small to medium business owner in Australia, our digital marketing agency has a team of skilled marketing and web development professionals that can help skyrocket your business into the stratosphere. To discover more about Dilate Digital and the clients they have worked with over the past few years, you can see our showcases here.

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Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

Bodie provides some insight into Dilate's internal operations. How we approach what we do, and how we strive to be Better Everyday.


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