Why Marketers Are Suddenly Watching Their Facebook Advertising

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

Image Courtesy - http://www.contentfac.com/facebook-marketing-strategy-do-this-not-that/ Facebook, the global omniscient, has made some key errors in calculation that have advertisers watching their Facebook marketing metrics very closely. We know how easily there can be problems in the tech world - sometimes it’s hard to know if we’re developing the technology or if we’re all just trying to keep up with it - and Facebook seems to be no exception to the rule. If you’re advertising on Facebook, you may want to observe your metrics well in 2017 to ensure your strategies are going to plan. Read what went wrong below. Facebook was awkwardly forced to acknowledge that their metrics concerning video views had been overestimated, as well as their over-reporting of Facebook’s ‘Instant Articles’ from 7% to 8% since August 2015. Oh, don’t forget that they overestimated the amount of people that businesses reached with unpaid posts because they weren’t discounting repeat traffic, and there has been even more conflict with advertisers at news of measurement miscalculations around Live video reactions and audience estimates.

What Does This Mean For Perth Facebook Marketing?

If you’re a business or brand using Facebook in your marketing strategy, you may have been compelled to implement it because of the extensive results they seem to have. And they still do bring in results - but this may be a wake-up call to those businesses and marketers out there who are a bit too laidback about their metrics and data analysis. If you’ve been using Facebook advertising without watching your metrics and interpreting your audience, but simply accepting it on its merits and hoping it works out, then now is the time to examine your strategies and see what is working and what isn’t. The Facebook revelations may not hold any direct sway over your results, but if you aren’t sure how your strategies are performing or if you’ve left it up to fate, then this news should be a reminder for you to monitor your ROI. Most marketers may read this and feel a little miffed about the shady relationship we share with Facebook, but they’ll be aware what their advertising budget is reaping them. However, many amateur or beginner marketers may have accepted these metrics and been led to implement new types of content or strategies - but never gone through the metrics involved to ensure that it works for them, or to understand the efficacy of their Facebook advertising. If you’re advertising on Facebook, remember to stay on top of your metrics and in the loop with your audience. You can have a lot of fun on Facebook, but you also want to know that you’re getting the most out of your efforts. Dilate Digital is a Perth digital marketing agency, and we can help you to get moving towards your goals. You can ask us to manage your Facebook marketing, or you may like to arrange a business consultation with one of our local marketing superstars who can take you through the processes and help you to develop your own procedure and strategy - call the team for a chat and see what we can do for you.

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