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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation: turning visitors into customers

Although it’s great to know that you’re getting lots of visitors to your website, you need more information than that. Are they hanging around for a long time or dropping off straight away? More importantly, are visitors becoming customers for your business? It’s no good having a website if visitors aren’t going on to use your product or service and that’s where conversion rate optimisation comes in.


What are CRO and ROI?

CRO means conversation rate optimisation which is a system for increasing the number of visitors who turn into customers. ROI, or return on investment, is closely linked to CRO as it tells you where your money is going in your digital marketing strategy. ROI can be measured through tracking a number of metrics to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth out of your campaign.

Learning about CRO

The basic premise of CRO is to find out what’s stopping visitors from staying on your website and converting into customers and then coming up with solutions to these barriers. To find out what the issues are, analytics are used to find out where your website is losing customers. The classic conversation funnel referred to with CRO is the visitor discovering your product or service, the visitor realising that they need what your business is offering, the visitor considering whether they will take the next step and then finally conversion into a sale or other desired action. CRO is all about funnel optimisation where the emphasis is on the user experience and decreasing any doubts or indecision.

The method for CRO will depend on the type of service or product you provide and the specifics of your website. However, much of the focus is on the user experience and analysing where your website is losing traffic. Reasons for losing traffic could be technical issues such as slow uploads or unnecessary steps to complete a conversion, your website having too much or too little information, unclear calls to action so visitors aren’t sure what they’re meant to do, a lack of photos displaying your product or service and lack of testimonials or proof of quality. Once the analysis has been conducted, steps can be taken to overcome any barriers such as making your website more streamlined or improving your content.

Landing page optimisation


Landing pages are the first impression of your website that visitors have and you want to make it count. From poorly written headlines and lack of clear keywords to cluttered pages and too much babble, there are lots of mistake businesses can make on their landing pages. Landing page optimisation means improving your landing pages to increase the chances of visitors engaging into your website and converting into customers. To do this, issues with your landing pages are identified and addressed so you’re not wasting money on aspects of your landing pages which simply don’t work.

Reducing your bounce rate and exit rate


Bounce rates and exit rates will be part of the analysis within your CRO and reducing these rates can lead to greater engagement and more conversions. Exit rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your website from a specific page and this has to be beyond the original landing page or home page. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your website from the landing page they originally came in on – this means they haven’t engaged with your website beyond the first page they looked at. Analytics will reflect these percentages clearly so you can see how many visitors are staying and how long they’re staying for. While a high bounce rate is never good as it shows minimal engagement, exit rates need to be looked at more closely. For example, you could find that people are exiting after reading a lengthy piece of content on your website which means they’re engaging with your website. However, if they’re exiting halfway through the checkout, that’s not a good sign.

Some of the factors that can improve your bounce rate and exit rate is to making sure your website is attractive and easy to use, having clear calls to action so visitors know what they should do next, checking that your website meets visitor expectation based on the keywords they used to find you, and making sure your content is engaging.

Let Dilate improve your conversion rate


CRO can be complicated and there’s a lot of metric tracking and analysis which needs to take place to make sure the correct steps are being taken to convert as many visitors as possible into customers. To optimise your website, Dilate can develop a robust CRO strategy to ensure strong ROI so you’re money isn’t being wasted in the wrong areas. A good CRO strategy means that you have more customers for your product or service and we’ll use our extensive experience to identify problem areas on your website as well as developing a comprehensive plan for improvements.

For more information about how Dilate can help with your conversion rate, speak to us today.