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At Dilate, we produce fantastic films for brands and businesses. We start by using our collective brainpower to generate crazy ideas, then tone them down just a bit before story-boarding them. Once we have a solid narrative, we start filming. We soon end up with a completed piece via the magic of visual editing and sound design.

Our bold vision and immense passion for film-making has allowed us to continually improve upon, and excel in our craft. Our goal is to create stand-out films that not only tell an engaging story, but get your message directly in the faces of your target audience in a visually stunning and wildly creative way.



We’re fantastic with narrative, and we know how to make your story stick in your audience’s minds and never let go.


We’re ninjas with our editing software. Our techniques rival master film-makers. We’ll make you look good. Damn good.



Ever let a show run in the background? Sound work is top priority. Work with us, your vids will soar with aural beauty.