Tools of the Trade: 10 Useful Tools for Digital Marketing

By Bodie Czeladka in Dilate Digital on Nov 24, 2017

Few things can compare to the challenge of digital marketing. There’s a certain rush for the crucial moves you make and plan to execute.

It’s an intricate arena filled with bright tacticians and innovators relentlessly devising new ideas to one-up the competition. Just the thought of being in the “league” with such minds will get your competitive juices boiling.

Knowing that everyone has countless apps/tools in the web at their disposal, all of which are specifically crafted to be of efficient assistance, will further give you an extra drive.

Let’s now take a peek at some of those tools. Read on!


It’s basically the holy grail of Search Engine Optimisation. The tool is able to provide you with an enormous load of stat and info to help you monitor traffic and improve your overall research for a certain website.


Canva is all about the visuals. It’s one tool that’s vastly equipped to help you create images for your website and social media pages.

Being on a tight budget won’t be much of an obstacle as well, as the free content and templates could be enough to aid you in producing compelling material.


Before diving into all the stress that online marketing could offer, having a good sense of organization is one aspect you ought to take note of. Trello is perfect for such.

Managing the team’s workflows are made easier, as each task or step of the process can be monitored through cards, where members can leave comments or attach links and files.


This invoicing software comes from the makers of a handful of other efficient, user-friendly productivity tools – QuickBook, TurboTax, and Mint – which are all well-established in the field of financial management solutions.

Intuit is primed to continue making strides, as it allows users to manage invoices easily, while also providing a wide variety of customisations.


Social media management is as vital as it can get. It’s where you can gather the info you need to learn and develop certain marketing campaigns.

In that area, Hootsuite is pretty much second to none. The tool can be a one-stop shop for ALL your needs in managing data for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. accounts.

Everyday tasks like scheduling posts and compiling traffic statistics can be done almost effortlessly.


Though not as buzzed about and trusted as Google’s Keyword Planner, could soon be its way to be categorized in a similar level, since it’s quicker in providing users keyword ideas.

The product separates itself from its counterparts with two unique options – the data can be utilized for Google, Bing, App Store, YouTube, and even Amazon, and details about long-tail keywords, which usually doesn’t appear on the ‘Planner, are available.


As one of the current go-to software in digital marketing, SEM Rush is a tool that gives users a big lift in keyword research, backlink analysis, product listings, and domain comparison, among others. Additionally, valuable data of paid and organic traffic keywords are also provided.

They described the product best when they wrote on their site that SEM Rush is “for marketers, by marketers.”


Moz is a marquee name in digital marketing, so it makes sense that they have one of the most trusted and reliable tools in the business.

Their flagship product, Moz Pro, is an efficient software specifically built to aid marketers about the intricacies of SEO. In researching for keywords alone, users will be given targeted suggestions and rankings, which includes the Search Visibility score, an in-depth info about how your keywords may rank.

Further, monitoring and auditing options about potentially harmful issues on your site, along with tips on how to fix them, will also be given.


Understanding the target audience is at the top of concerns in marketing, and HotJar is the perfect tool to assist you in dealing with such tasks.

With HotJar’s main feature, visual heatmaps, you will be given data that tells you where your site visitors are going, how much they are scrolling through, how often they interact, what content they may care about, and many other visitor activities.


Getting data from Google Analytics is perhaps one of the least exciting parts of analysing website data. Enter: Excellent Analytics

This is one tool that all you regular GA users should have. It’s an Excel add-on that allows you to import GA data into a spreadsheet, which is sure to break you free from its time-consuming process and give way to the more important task at hand: studying the numbers.



– A video marketing tool that provides call-to-action buttons and a more detailed info about heatmaps and visitor activities.


– Centred around Customer Relationship Management, this app allows you to research certain individuals. With just a few clicks, you can be provided with a person’s different social media pages and other key information.


– An online marketing tool equipped with SEO and social media campaigns. It helps you identify and apply the right content to the right audience.


– Gives users email leads and valuable data for lead generation.

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