Facebook Ad Myth Busting

Facebook Ad Myth Busting

Aimee Robinson
By Aimee Robinson

Facebook Ad Myths. While we may be familiar with Facebook Ads, there are still some common misconceptions that could do with debunking. Knowing what you can and can’t achieve may be the game-changer between how you approach your Facebook marketing strategy or even help you identify where you can get a better return on investment (ROI).

Here are 8 misconceptions about Facebook Ads from our resident expert, Aimee Robinson.

1. Facebook Ads only go out to Facebook

01 Facbook Ads Only Go Out To Facebook

Facebook Ads are automatically served to Instagram. Why? Because Facebook purchased the Instagram platform back in 2012, and it’s not the only platform owned by the social media giant. Facebook also owns Whatsapp (2014) - an internet-based messenger platform, and Oculus (2014)  - a VR gaming headset platform.

Having Facebook Ads go out to Instagram means you have an extra chance of reaching your potential customer, or even new customers, as the demographics do differ slightly between the platforms.

Here are a few facts for you on what happens between Instagram and Facebook (straight from their business help support)

  • 60% of people say they discover new products on Instagram
  • There is an 80% increase in time spent watching video on Instagram
  • 200 million + Instagrammers view at least one business profile daily

While the ad creation has slightly different specs to Facebook, the Ads Manager can guide you through so you can take advantage of optimising your ads efficiently.

2. Big budgets are required for big results

02 Big Budgets Required For Big Results

You can achieve amazing results with your Facebook advertising campaigns with an ad spend of $1 per day in a Facebook remarketing campaign.

The secret to getting great results with a small budget comes down to being organised with your Facebook Pixel, website, products and campaign strategies to set you up for success and manage your ad spend.

A remarketing campaign needs traffic to your website for it to kick into gear, so it is important to get your brand in front of your ideal customer.

Wondering what those results look like?

One of our e-commerce clients has a full prospecting (cold customer audience) and remarketing campaign that gets an average return on ad spend (ROAS) of 15+ (yep - for each dollar spent, they get $15 back).  

Another one of our Facebook marketing clients who operate in the tourism sector gets an average ROAS of 40+ from Facebook Remarketing ads.  

3. People don’t buy off Facebook; it’s only good for Brand Awareness

03 People Don't Buy Off Facebook

Yes, while Facebook is great for the brand awareness stage of your campaign, it’s also powerful for lead generation, conversion and instant shopping.

Did you know that 26% of people who click on an ad report making a purchase?

When you take into consideration that there are 15 million Australians using Facebook, that’s an opportunity worth exploring.

4. You can target people based on their internet activity on Google

04 You Can Target People Based-Internet Activity On Google

A Facebook pixel can tell you who has been to your site, but it can not tell you what other sites they have been to.

It can feel as though our phones are listening to us when we talk about a brand or intent to buy and then *ahem* magically the same type of product turns up on our Facebook Feed. While there is no hard and fast data to support this statement, Facebook does use other algorithm data to help businesses and brands target the right customer.

This includes our network of friends, demographic data, where we have checked in, likes and interests, what we have searched for on Facebook, and other business accounts and pages that we follow and engage with.

You can even create a lookalike audience from your existing customer base, or from people who already like your page.

5. You can set and forget your Facebook Ads

05 You Can Set & Forget Your Facebook Ads

Technically, yes you can do this - if you want to blow your Facebook ad budget, and you have zero interest in optimising your ad set, but it is not recommended.

The best way to maximise the performance of your Facebook ads is to make constant updates, tweaks and adjustments. What does that mean, exactly? Creating an ad set, or group of ads that split test various elements from headline hooks through to image choice and ad format.

A Facebook Advertising agency (hint hint, that’s me and my team) can help you with how to do this. We spend time learning the ins’ and outs (and constant changes) of the social platform to get the best ROAS for clients.

6. A Boosted Post set-up from your Facebook Page is the same as an Ad in Campaign Manager

06 A Boosted Post in Facebook is The Same in Adwords

When you boost a post on your Facebook page, you have limited targeting options and ad creation options.

Campaign Manager can help your product or service have a better ad experience thanks to the range of options available.

This includes choosing the format and structure of your ad and looking at how your ad will appear across the Facebook Ad network (think Facebook stories, Instagram stories, Facebook Messenger and Instagram).

7. You can run a campaign to grow your Instagram following

07 You Can Run a Campaign To Grow Your Instagram

If only this Facebook Ads Myth WERE true! At this stage, you can only run a campaign to grow your Facebook likes. Growing your Instagram following is about quality and consistent content.  

What can be helpful to grow your Instagram following is boosting a post that has high engagement levels and choosing the right time to do so.

8. Facebook Ads don’t work for B2B

08 Facebook Ads Don't Work For B2B

This Facebook Ads myth still pops up. “Facebook Ads are for business to consumer”; “You need to be on a traditional platform if you are B2B” “You should try a more “business-like” platform if you are B2B”.

Facts are, Facebook Ads work for B2B AND B2C style businesses. Here’s what they can do.

  • Keep your B2B business reaching customers and deliver cost savings in acquiring leads and converting customers compared to traditional media and marketing methods. 
  • Achieve strong return on ad spend (ROAS) results
  • Provide solid analytical data to help you make informed decisions

Hopefully, this has debunked some of those pesky myths that stand in the way of business owners taking advantage of what a solid Facebook Ad strategy can do.

If you have any questions about Facebook and aren’t sure whether something you have heard is a myth, why not drop a comment below and we can help you sort fact from fiction. The Facebook Ads Perth team and I want you to make informed decisions on how Facebook Ads can help.

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