A Dilate DeLorean Into The Future of Email Marketing

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

Much like Doc observing Marty as he learns and grows, the team at Dilate has been observing the constant evolution of email marketing, and how it fits into our marketing spectrum. With a quick trip down memory lane, we’ve debated (and finally decided) on where we think the future lies for bulk email software service providers.

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Email marketing has been largely abused in the past- businesses were adamant to collect the largest database, and regularly sent out impersonal, poorly-structured emails. The result? Millions of email addresses ending up on countless email lists, each person being bombarded with email after email. The trauma has plagued email marketing ever since, with consumers becoming stubbornly unwilling to offer any point of contact to businesses. Spam emails gradually dropped off, and are now under careful guidelines.


Now, online marketing has reached a finesse of its own. Your online presence needs to be as well-managed as your physical storefront, so email marketing has been nipped and tucked into the personable, engaging, entertaining and educating content which it is today. It’s no longer the job for your everyday car salesman to try his hand at. Now you need a people-person, with a basic understanding of communication and the human psyche, to convey your message with efficiency and efficacy. You need a tech-savvy team to juggle your numbers- to tell you what works and what doesn’t, what’s getting responses and what’s getting sent to Junk, and which demographics in your email list hold more value as a potential brand engager. Companies are seeing the potential power of this kind of valuable interaction, and are finding specialist teams of digital marketers to take the reins of their email marketing, with powerful results.


Catch 22: As we get better at automation, it becomes clear that the tone cannot convey ‘I Am AutoBot 3000’ to our readers. Personalised emails are becoming more and more refined, and the recipient is expected more personal interaction and attention- without coming on too strong. Email marketing will have to develop in ways that align with social media interactions, with more graphics and banners adding the sense of arriving at a landing page. We may even be able to factor in the recipient's location or social climate, or current events, to create compelling email marketing content.

If you’re still using tactics from email marketing pre-Y2K, then call Dilate Digital. We’re Perth’s leading email marketing strategists and bulk email software service providers. Email marketing can make or break your relationship with your audience, and if your strategies aren’t giving you the numbers you expect (or you don’t know how to evaluate them), then contact our team today.

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Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

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