Why Less is More for Your Email Deliverability?

Bodie Czeladka
By Bodie Czeladka

Cutting Your List for Better Results

Every good marketer knows that the power of their business is in their email list. Back in the day, it was all about the size of your email list, and little thought was given to the level of response. Now email marketing has become more sophisticated, and it appears more effective to refine your email list, which can improve engagement and add focus to your content. But tread with caution- there is a right way and a wrong way to go when choosing this route for your business. 

1. The Obsolete Numbers Game

Traditionally, digital media was always about achieving higher numbers. In order to increase the visibility, it was essential to get more traffic- by any means necessary. However, that method just doesn’t cut it anymore and smart marketers are getting savvy to the power of precision. The best ROI is achieved through targeting the right audience at the optimum point of their buying journey. Messages need to be targeted, and relevant, or they will become lost and ignored. There is a fine balance between the advertising message and providing value to the recipient.

2. Use The Power Wisely

Some people think that email marketing is dead, but they couldn’t be more wrong. A well executed email marketing campaign is still one of the highest ROI channels possible. However, it is true that this method has become flooded with poor quality campaigns in recent years that test the patience of subscribers. Emails are a very direct way to communicate with a target demographic, but the relationship can quickly sour with information overload and poor quality content. The smart marketer will recognise this as an opportunity to provide a better quality campaign that increases the subscribers engagement. In order to provide the best experience, it is a good idea to refine the email list, and make the interactions with the subscribers count. By doing this, the reader will receive more focused content, and be less likely to miss key details that may be of interest or use

3. How to Start Trimming Your List

To avoid jarring or rapid changes in your marketing that could upset your subscriber list, approach the work in a methodical manner and add extra value during the transition. Carry out an analysis of your email list, and ask yourself three questions. Firstly, who is your highest engaged audience and why? Secondly, what are the reasons why subscribers may want fewer or more emails? Lastly, what kinds of content is your list finding useful, and why? Understanding this data will allow you to tie it back to your emails and profiles, and do more with your list and improve your overall efficiency. 

4. Create Goals and an Action Plan

Understanding these goals and developing an action plan around the following three topics will make your email list more efficient and effective.

(a). Developing Subscriber Personas

Many email marketers and digital media companies are still resorting to firing bland, generic messages at their audience. This may work initially, but as the list grows larger, the disparate interests of the subscribers will become more pronounced. It is vital that this is taken into consideration, so that email messages are crafted to fit the diverse needs of the audience. One effective way to do this is to establish subscriber personas that cater to these different groups. A quick look online using a term such as “buyer persona template” will give detailed tutorials on this topic, and the benefits speak for themselves.

(b). Improve the Quality of the Content and Ads

If you’re treating your email list like an afterthought, you are probably shooting yourself in the foot. Readers and subscribers have many demands on their time in this busy world, and attention spans are diminishing faster than the Amazon. Using emails is a great way to have an ongoing experience with your audience, and they deserve your best efforts. Every message should add important, relevant value that your subscriber will love you for providing. The ads should be of interest to the recipient, and presented naturally. Results from your efforts in this area will have a direct effect on your spam, email deliverability and compliant rates. Every content marketer knows that exceptional content will always pay off eventually, and it is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd.

(c). Go Gradual and Win

When reading all these pointers about improving quality and engagement with your subscribers, it is natural to feel a little overwhelmed. Having the correct strategy to follow and implementing it effectively is important, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Instead of trying to do everything all at once, focus on making a small, positive change in your strategy every day. These changes will occur gradually, and you may find that your subscribers don’t even notice them to begin with. Consider developing your brand, establishing trust and understanding your revenue strategy in detail. Over time, these small improvements will add up to a powerful email marketing strategy that will drive sales from happy, informed subscribers.

If you would like to know more about driving your business forward, by building and using email lists, contact us. We are experts in every aspects of online marketing, and we also provide a pretty smart web design service to get your business thriving.

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