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Why LinkdIn Is Your Content Marketing Social Network

Why LinkdIn Is Your Content Marketing Social Network
April 5, 2017 Bodie Czeladka
Why LinkdIn Is Your Content Marketing Social Network

Why LinkdIn Is Your Content Marketing Social Network

Have you been pouring your efforts into social networks such as Facebook, but still wringing your hands wondering where the results are? You’re not alone – more and more marketers are struggling with the hoops that Facebook set, but it seems that there is a new ally for Perth content marketing experts who know where to look.

LinkedIn has seen a burst of articles and content publications and the most recently reported number of users sits at about 467 million, making LinkedIn the most happening place in town for content marketing, and the sheer volume of content – about 130,000 pieces a month – are, suffice to say, encouraging.

With just 161 million users only five years ago, we’re foreseeing some serious growth by LinkedIn in the future which was recently acquired by Microsoft.

Why LinkdIn Is Your Content Marketing Social Network

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LinkedIn has actually overtaken Facebook and Twitter, the once mighty adversaries, for social shares in many B2B areas; however one drawback follows. The content published to LinkedIn gets very few backlinks or referrals, especially now that LinkedIn has opened publishing to all members rather than its initial style of LinkedIn selected influencers.

How To Write For LinkedIn:

While shorter content, of up to 1000 words, has presided over most of the posts published to LinkedIn, longer posts of up to 3000 words are much more likely to be shared. This shows that readers want value from the content, and are more inclined to take articles seriously for consumption.

The professional, suave Facebook sibling is also much more welcoming of wordy content – you can put that cat GIF aside, your LinkedIn readers are discerning enough to chew through your article without the pretty pictures. Most posts will include very limited graphics or imagery, but will use traditional word-based graphics like spacing and lists to make the text more digestible. Let’s face it – you aren’t putting pictures of your Saturday night out on LinkedIn, it’s just not the place, so work your professional flair and create content that is going to speak from your experiences with an unapologetic vocabulary.

Lists, instructables, and life hacks are all great, easy ways to inject your LinkedIn with some content that will be appreciated by your professional network, as well as traditional articles and content. All your content should reflect who you (or your brand) is, with professionalism and utility at the forefront of your goals.

Extra Tip:

Pay attention to your writing, spelling, and grammar. LinkedIn is the perfect place to get tripped up by an English academic, so remain vigilant and make the most of online tools that can check your work for any errors. We know, we know, you’re content marketing royalty, but you might be surprised at what these tools catch you out with!

Have fun and be creative with your LinkedIn content marketing, but recognise early if it’s within your capabilities. If you’re time-poor or simply don’t have the writing bug, find a digital marketing agency (like this one) with a stellar content marketing team. Dilate Digital is a Perth based web marketing agency, and our writers love to explore the brands and identities of our clients to develop content that is guaranteed to turn heads.

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