Absolute Ocean Charters

Absolute Ocean Charters is a family-operated business in Broome, offering ocean sightseeing tours and charters. 

From fishing charters to whale watching cruises they provide a range of incredible marine experiences in the North West of Australia. Guided by a professional team and a marine biologist on-board,  Absolute Ocean Charters provide an experience of a lifetime!

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Their Challenge Absolute Ocean Charters

Their Challenge

After operating successfully in Broome for many years, the Absolute Ocean Charters team knew it was time to revise their online presence! It was an opportunity to step forward digitally and reach a broader audience with a little digital marketing help. 

They reached out to Dilate Digital for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services so that they could stand out from their competitors and be able to showcase their exceptional services to their target audience. 

Our Solutions Absolute Ocean Charters

Our Solution

To help Absolute Ocean Charters get the right traffic and conversions to their website, we optimised the new website for SEO. This involved a deep dive into their onpage content on the site to make sure that it is not only speaking to the right audience in the right tone of voice, but also ensuring that each page is mapped to the right keyword for Google’s crawlers. 

Building good backlinks also meant that the website’s authority was strong and trustworthy - giving it more opportunities to rank higher in the search results. Alongside those two strategies, we also created engaging blogs that spoke directly to their target audience on topics surrounding Absolute Ocean Charters’ services and also the area in which they cruise. 

Our ongoing SEO work resulted in real success over the years, with all of their target keywords ranking extremely well. This has led to significant improvements in organic conversions, and an increase in both web traffic and bookings. Each year has brought in bigger and better numbers for the business. 

what we did

The Results Absolute Ocean Charters

The Results

  • Conversion-focused website
    Optimising the website meant that there was a significant increase in conversions - leading to 474.63% increase in website conversion rate. We were able to reach out to AOC’s targeted audience and spoke directly to their needs based on their search intent.
  • Increase in organic website traffic & bookings
    Our SEO efforts have resulted in a considerable organic increase in website traffic and bookings. We have seen a whopping 304% increase in organic users and a 3352% increase in organic conversions when comparing the first 6 months in 2017 to the last 6 months in 2022 of our SEO campaign.
  • Rankings significantly improved
    AOC’s primary keywords are all ranking in the top of search results. High density keywords such as “whale watching cruises” and “fishing charters Broome” are now ranking 1st for Absolute Ocean Charters’ services.


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