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the big problem Melville Mazda

The Big Problem

As a state-of-the-art showroom and service centre, Melville Mazda came to Dilate Digital in 2017 to sell more cars and continue their steady growth. Their goal was to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Compete against other Mazda dealerships
  • Showcase their point of difference

For Melville Mazda, the main difficulty came in competing for awareness against other Mazda dealers in the Perth area, but they were dedicated to growth - which is where we came in.

our solutions Melville Mazda

Our Solution

Our solution to their problem came through in our PPC and SEO campaigns.

Firstly, we built out a laser focused Google Search campaign. We were always keeping a close eye on performance and adjusted our bidding strategy and keywords accordingly.

Making sure that we had a deep understanding of the business and knowing how much money we could spend per conversion per campaign.

Our work also consisted of smart scaling of the account. By steadily scaling the budget we were helping them to get a greater return on their investment.

On the SEO side of things, we pushed particularly hard on more generic ‘beef jerky’ and ‘beef biltong’ terms, which boosted organic traffic and overall conversions. Ranking on the first page was also helping to increase our brand presence online, keeping the brand at the top of mind when someone sees an ad or walks past a store in-person.

Consistent and transparent reporting on both of these campaigns was crucial in helping us to scale the account and help the business to regularly smash online sales targets.

how we helped

The results Melville Mazda

The power of digital

Digital marketing provided access to a younger target audience and the ability for brand reach to go further than ever before. This allowed Melville Mazda to present itself as a premium brand compared to other Mazda dealers, and set them apart from dealerships that remain focused on traditional marketing.

And it’s only onwards and upwards now for Melville Mazda - their future goal is to become Perth’s highest-selling Mazda dealership, and we can’t wait to help get them there.


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