“Designed by marketers, for marketers”, IntelligenceBank offers products that focus on brand compliance and efficiency, such as Digital Assets Management, Online BrandHub and Marketing Operations Software for businesses.

After running into multiple issues on their website such as site speed and conversion rate, the team at IntelligenceBank reached out to Dilate for a fresh, sleek and clean new website that not only reflected their brand but also the exceptional products they offer.

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Their Challenge

Having their website built on a CMS that was hard to use and make changes, and also using a third party software to track their conversions, the team at IntelligenceBank decided to make the switch and reached out to Dilate Digital to help out. They wanted a new, clean and sleek website that not only performed well but represented their brand in the best way. They needed a website that could be easily implemented with their current tracking software as well to track conversion and leads in one spot.

Our Solution

We created a branded-focused website that was not only faster but one that was designed with UX and UI in mind for a much smoother customer journey and therefore, conversion. We designed a website that could be used as a lead generation tool, conversion tool and a branding tool. Since their new website has gone live, not only have we seen a fantastic lift in the performance of paid campaigns, but we have also noticed that the lead quality and quantity has also increased positively. With the implementation of an aggressive SEO strategy soon after, organic traffic and rankings have grown dramatically month on month thanks to the positive impact of the new website.

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  • Increased website speed

    The new website is now faster and any updates needed can be done within a few clicks.

  • Built with UX/UI in mind

    Exceptional design that was built with user experience and user interface in mind for a smooth customer journey.

  • Quality leads

    An increase in quantity and quality of leads and enquiries seen after the new website went live.

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