If you’ve never seen backstage at a music event, just know the spaghetti of cables and wiring is enough to send anyone crazy. There are countless different cables, plugs, sockets and fittings all doing specific jobs that need to get done. The only way through this absolute rat’s nest without pulling your hair out trying to make off-the-shelf components work, is with custom cabling. Enter Cable Smiths, makers of custom cables designed to make Audio-Visual & Networking, easy.

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Their Challenge

Cable Smiths didn’t invent the idea of custom cabling, which already existed as a staple element of serious AV work. But all of the web-based ordering forms were multi-page, complex and didn’t have much in the way of a visual reference. The alternative was speaking to a salesperson and explaining what you want over the phone. The result was often a cable that didn’t actually fit, just in time for the concert you needed it at.

To compound things, Cable Smiths faced the challenge of stock management on their end. Keeping tabs on all the individual pieces was difficult, and simplifying things was one of our primary focusses.

The Solution

Our solution was a custom website, enabling customers to order their perfect cable with a real-time visual indicator. They can literally see their cable before they press ‘order now’. No second guessing at product names or mixing up a complicated technical identifier.

But we didn't stop there. We wanted to deliver brilliant functionality to the Cable Smiths crew too. Our custom cable orderer not only integrates perfectly with Shopify, but also with TradeGecko—an inventory management tool. When an order is placed by a customer, the corresponding available stock levels are automatically adjusted.

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  • Seamless Ordering

    The new Cable Smiths site makes it incredibly easy for customers, resulting in a no-brainer when they’re ordering and leading to high repeat purchase rates.

  • Easy Inventory Management

    We untangled the mess of ordering, and the mess of inventory management with a bespoke, custom solution perfectly tailored to the client’s needs.

  • Building Brand

    The Custom Cable Ordering tool is the first of its kind in the space, and paired with the stunning new site, builds excellent authority and brand for Cable Smiths.

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The new revamped website incorporated search engine optimisation and extensive keyword mapping, while taking into account User Experience to achieve a perfect balance coupled with a sleek and sexy design.

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