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As passionate life-long animal enthusiasts, the founders of Creatures of Comfort are a small Australian family business based in Fremantle Western Australia. After discovering a need in the market for quality dog beds, Jess and Trent scoured the world to find and purvey the best luxury dog beds to the Australian market.

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Their Challenge

As lifelong dog lovers, Jess and Trent were well aware of the health benefits of a quality, supportive bed for their beloved pooches. With George Barclay of England chosen as their supplier of choice, their challenge was to reach their perfect customers in the Australian market, dog owners who cared deeply about the health of their animals and weren’t afraid to spend good money for the highest quality.

To do that, they needed a website that not only spoke to their target audience, reflected the fun and friendly nature of their business, but also validated the high pricetag of their products. Their dog beds aren’t an off the shelf, profit-driven product. They’re specific, steeped in research and proven to last. We set out to build them a website that captured their essence, and would enable them to reach the right customers, with the right message.

Our Solution

The first choice was what CMS to use. It’s always a challenge realising a creative vision while also ensuring the finished product is user-friendly for both the customer, and the new owners. As primarily an e-commerce site, we chose Shopify to serve as the foundation for a custom-built site.

Our UI/UX design process focussed on the core tenements of usability and a smooth purchasing process. Choosing the perfect bed for your dog shouldn’t be hard, so we created a 3-step dog bed selector that turned the user’s input into a clear recommendation.

We chose a demure but elegant colour palette that conveys sophistication and quality, paired with a simple design architecture, smooth web elements and minimal clutter. Custom loading screens to make the process enjoyable and reassuring for the customer were the final piece of the puzzle.

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  • Fast & Responsive

    The new website is built with minimal bloat and clutter, and good clean code. The result? It’s fast, responsive and a pleasure to use.

  • Simple Checkout

    A simple, quick and easy checkout process gets more conversions. By using Shopify and the custom bed selector tool, CoC’s new site makes it easy for customers to purchase—which means more customers do.

  • Building Brand

    Jess and Trent were stoked with their new site because it perfectly captured their vision for their company. The brand was conveyed exactly how they imagined it.

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Take your website
to the next level

Jess and Trent were super happy with their new website, and it allowed them to open up a sales channel to get online sales. Having an online store is an important step in building a web presence, and the team at Dilate can help you build a brand spankin' new website for your brand.

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