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Specialising in GPS tracking devices since 2001, Digital Matter have delivered world-class products and won a range of industry awards. Their products are solid, reliable and incredibly well made with advanced engineering behind them. When it comes to ensuring your fleet’s location is precise, up to date and protected—they’re the only choice.

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Thier Challenge

Having been in business for decades, Digital Matter was in sore need of a fresh new web-look. The challenge we faced was building a website that not only functioned well and looked great, but demonstrated the effectiveness of Digital Matter’s products and conveyed their premium reputation and authority. We needed to ensure every visitor to the site could really trust Digital Matter to deliver a world-class product, because we’re not talking about small decisions—customers needed to trust the Digital Matter product to keep their million-dollar equipment safe. But the site still needed to convert well, and be easy to navigate, and help the customer find the perfect solution on their first visit to the site.

Our Solution

This build really utilised our skills across design, development, UI/UX design, and customer behaviour knowledge. Our solution was to build a site that was visually slick, easy to navigate and spoke to the customer’s needs. The products needed to be obvious in why they were not only the best choice for the customer, but the best choice in the market. All of our sites are built with marketing first, but the Digital Matter site really needed to hit the ground running to achieve their business goals. SEO was baked in from the very first line of code, and conversion optimisation elements were the core focus.

An interactive real time map, showing Digital Matter’s own trackers in action across the country was the icing on a stunning cake, if we do say so ourselves.

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Digital Matter Results
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  • Complexity, simplified.

    A thought-out site structure makes the complex product range, simple. Users can easily find their perfect device.

  • Show, don’t tell.

    We could have spent pages detailing how the GPS tracking in use is the best. Instead, we built an interactive map that shows it in action, and proves it.

  • Authority by design.

    The new Digital Matter site is clean, visually stunning and easy to use. It accurately represents the business itself, and the conversion rates proof its efficacy.

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The new revamped website incorporated search engine optimisation and extensive keyword mapping, while taking into account User Experience to achieve a perfect balance coupled with a sleek and sexy design.

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Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

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