GolfWA is the primary body for amateur golf in Western Australia. They connect a community of amateur golfers by delivering golf opportunities state-wide. Golf WA achieves this by hosting events and tournaments, as well as serving as an online directory for a huge array of golf-related programs.

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Their Challenge

Having had their previous site for quite a while, GolfWA realised it no longer married with their direction of serving Western Australians interested in playing golf. We worked with GolfWA to identify the primary requirements of the website and the needs of the amateur golf community, as well as working with them on a brand refresh.

Our Solution

GolfWA’s brand identity is highly recognised within the Australian Golf Industry. As such, we needed to maintain their current branding, but give it a bit of a face lift. This involved bringing some life to their brand colour palette, as well as adding depth to the website design through the use of graphics and imagery of West Australian amateur golf players.

The result is a clean and professional looking website, which makes a huge visual impact.

Phone Results


  • Responsive Design

    We built a fully responsive site design which allowed all of GolfWA’s audiences to easily access information. Whether this be via mobile while out on the golf course, or searching for upcoming events and tournaments via desktop.

  • Built For Play

    The primary objective of this new site was to encourage more of the public to partake in playing golf. While focused on achieving that, the site also highlighted upcoming tournaments across the state and the achievements of amateur golfers.

  • Branding Refresh

    The new site gave GolfWA’s branding a refreshed and modernised feel. While the logo which was already entrenched in the golf community remained, the colour palette that embody GolfWA was emphasized. In addition, the graphics and images utilised were chosen to highlight the enjoyable and fun side of golf.

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