Trendstyle provides high-quality kitchens at a low, affordable cost. With a huge selection of kitchen cabinets, benchtops, and pantries, plus the ability to plan the perfect kitchen with their 3D planner, Trendstyle filled a gap in the market for quality DIY products that don’t cost a fortune. They needed a new website and a brand refresh to truly communicate who they are as a business, which is where we came in.

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Their Challenge

Trendstyle came to Dilate with an existing site that didn’t communicate or marry up with the offline experience and kind, professional approach they gave to their customers in person.

Their aim for this website and brand refresh was to create a single point destination that was inline with the high-quality but affordable products that Trendstyle offers, allowing users to buy products, book a consultation, or plan their entire renovation - all online. But it also needed to take into consideration offline packaging and instruction manuals for each product, as well as how that brand would be applied online.

Speed of the website was also a top priority, so with the amount of functionality and custom audience requirements throughout the checkout process, it was important that we kept the code light and also built smart to ensure the offerings didn’t weigh down the site.

The Solution

We worked together to identify a new brand look and feel that expressed the business, its level of service, and quality of products. From there, we focused on the Trendstyle audience and product range to help drive the overall sitemap and user journey for the new site, ensuring it was a no-barrier path to finding the correct product. As an eCommerce site, it needed to allow users to use all tools and complete a full purchase just as easily on mobile as desktop, so user experience was always front of mind.

Kyle from Trendstyle also came to us with great ideas and added functionality such as a 3D Kitchen Planning tool to go above and beyond in offerings for his customers. Our web design incorporated illustrations of the product range that we then tied into the 3D planner.

For the brand refresh, keeping in mind the need for a cohesive online and offline experience, we kept the brand colours within a neutral palette range to make it easy for printers to print, as well as achieving that high-quality feel at every touch point.

Phone Results


  • Superb user experience

    Faster website, better web design, and a streamlined purchase journey to ensure no barriers to purchase.

  • Cohesive branding

    A brand refresh that brought the online store and physical packaging together, reflecting Trendstyle’s high-quality products.

  • Built to convert

    Every decision made during web build was with the user experience in mind. Both visually appealing and smartly designed, this website was built to reflect Trendstyle and convert users.

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Trendstyle’s new website and branding refresh stepped up their user experience. With cohesive branding marrying their in-person customer service and online experience, their website became a single-point, no-barriers destination for their customers, resulting in a simple and enjoyable user journey.

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