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Mortlock Timber

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Mortlock Timber

Project Overview

Mortlock Timber is the provider of beautiful architectural timber cladding and decking for iconic commercial and residential builds in Australia.

With their product focused on adding value to the aesthetics of building exteriors, they are a brand who are strong visual storytellers, using a lot of imagery through different website elements including their menus.

Mortlock’s company values focus on integrity, client satisfaction, quality, and accountability, so the development team wanted to ensure that their new website would also hit that mark.

Being heavily reliant on imagery, Mortlock was experiencing less than ideal website load times and speeds, both critical success factors for users landing on their pages.

They came to us with a brief to improve their website speed and load time to ensure that prospective clients had a positive user experience on their site, and that bounce rates were reduced.

With a team in place, they wanted to utilise their existing website CMS which was built on WordPress, and not have to resize and reload all of their media files to their website - a lengthy process.

Overview Case Study Mortlock Timber
The Solution

The Solution

To achieve this result for the client, we deployed Gatsby JS.

Gatsby JS is a static site generator which feeds data from CMS to produce a fast and efficient front end loading website.

Gatsby JS is built with React JS, a game-changer in the website development space when it comes to enhancing user interface elements. It has proven to be a perfect solution for Mortlock’s visually beautiful site when deploying visual media to prospective clients landing on their pages.

  • Design Case Study Mortlock Timber
  • Design Case Study Mortlock Timber
  • Design Case Study Mortlock Timber


  • Website speed from 56% to 96%

Prior to the deployment of Gatsby JS, Mortlock reported a website speed of 56% using the GT metric score, not ideal for user experience.  

Their website speed increased to a GT metric score of 96% post-implementation of Gatsby JS as a web development solution.

  • Load time from 16 seconds to 4.3 seconds

Gatsby JS also improved their page load time, with the previous time of 16 seconds now.

  • Reduced website resource deployment

Considering the WordPress website homepage utilises multiple large image files, the total website resource deployed with Gatsby is 1.31MB.

  • Maintained Site Security

As Gatsby JS is a static website, the incentive for hackers to hack is close to zero.

  • Maintained Processes for Staff

As Gatsby acts as an overlay, there was no disruption to processes for Mortlock’s in-house team when it came to updating their project portfolios, writing content, or loading media and imagery.

Dev Case Study Mortlock Timber
Dev Case Study Mortlock Timber
Take your website to the next level

Take your website to the next level

Would you like to improve your website speed with Gatsby JS?

Our website development team was thrilled to deliver an improved user experience for Mortlock without impacting their current content management processes or having to migrate their existing website to a custom-built platform.

If you would like to explore how Gatsby JS can supercharge your website speed while keeping your current WordPress system in place, why not reach out to the team to discuss your requirements.

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