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As a leading recruitment agency and registered training organisation, Skill Hire has been making a difference to the lives of people throughout Australia.

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Skill Hire Project Overview

Project Overview

As a leading recruitment agency and registered training organisation, Skill Hire has been making a difference to the lives of people throughout Australia. Since its inception, it has evolved from being a recruiter, training provider and employer, into a community that advocates for equal opportunity and gainful employment.

Skill Hire approached Dilate Digital for a website rebuild because they felt that their brand had lost its voice and did not accurately portray the real scope of their business. They realised the importance of building a strong online presence in order to remain competitive within the industry.

The Solution

Having obtained a detailed understanding of their needs and requirements, we worked on creating a web design that would align to Skill Hire’s newly created (re)brand and at the same time, demonstrated their unique edge, engaged their audience and established their online position.

Whilst it was important to create an outstanding design, it was essential that the website was built to allow for job search functionalities, clear navigation and an effective way for employers to get in touch. As the existing site contained significant content and a multitude of online forms, the team at Dilate had to find a way to incorporate and seamlessly migrate these across to the new website. The development was definitely a challenging one but exceedingly rewarding at the same time.

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  • Website speed from 56% to 96%

    Prior to the deployment of Gatsby JS, Mortlock reported a website speed of 56% using the GT metric score, not ideal for user experience.

    Their website speed increased to a GT metric score of 96% post-implementation of Gatsby JS as a web development solution.

  • Load time from 16 seconds to 4.3 seconds

    Gatsby JS also improved their page load time, with the previous time of 16 seconds now.

  • Reduced website resource deployment

    Considering the WordPress website homepage utilises multiple large image files, the total website resource deployed with Gatsby is 1.31MB.

  • Maintained Site Security

    As Gatsby JS is a static website, the incentive for hackers to hack is close to zero.

  • Maintained Processes for Staff

    As Gatsby acts as an overlay, there was no disruption to processes for Mortlock’s in-house team when it came to updating their project portfolios, writing content, or loading media and imagery.

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The new revamped website incorporated search engine optimisation and extensive keyword mapping, while taking into account User Experience to achieve a perfect balance coupled with a sleek and sexy design.

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Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

Our approach to becoming Australia's most respected agency.

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