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Remarketing: keep your visitors coming back

It’s a tough online market for many businesses with so much competition and it’s essential that you make your brand stand out from the crowd. With this in mind, remarketing is an effective strategy when it comes to having visitors return to your site as this leads to better conversions. Remarketing means that even if a visitor is on your website for a brief period of time, they continue to be reminded of your brand when they visit other sites on the internet which is a powerful ongoing marketing strategy.

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How Remarketing Works

If a visitor has left your website without making a purchase or requesting further details, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not interested – it just means they didn’t want to make a decision then and there. With remarketing, ads will be specifically targeted towards visitors who have been on your business website so your brand continues to be displayed. In basic terms, remarketing works by placing a tag on certain pages of your website which then leads to cookie being placed in the visitor’s browser. This in turn leads to the appearance of targeted ads.

Why Remarketing Is an Effective Strategy

Remarketing is especially effective for businesses as rather than spreading your advertising net as far as possible in the hope of capturing potential interested customers, it’s a targeted way to reach out to visitors who have already shown an interest in your business. It’s a smart way of connecting with your target audience long after they leave your website and cleverly designed remarketing ads can go a long way to increasing sales and interest.

Where Does Google AdWords Come In?

Your remarketing campaign can be facilitated with the help of Google AdWords and is set up through the Google Display Network. While many businesses will already have a Google AdWords account, the difference with your remarketing strategy is that a special tracking code needs to be incorporated. With this tracking in place, targeted ads will begin to appear when visitors take a look at certain sections of your website which fire the embedded tag.

How To Select Your Target Audience

The main consideration with remarketing is to think about who will targeted by your remarketing ads. For example, you could choose to show remarketing ads to anyone who lands on your homepage regardless of whether they go on to look at different sections of your website. Although this means you’re reaching a higher number of visitors, it’s a more expensive approach due to targeting more people and you’re likely to reach a lot of visitors who weren’t that interested in the first place. However, targeting visitors who leave just before the checkout means you’re focusing on individuals who were genuinely considering a sale but there will be a smaller number that you’re reaching.

Consider who you want to target through remarketing and then test the effectiveness of that particular strategy – you can always adjust your approach as you go to ensure an optimal remarketing strategy.

Optimising Your Remarketing Campaign

When it comes to remarketing ads, don’t just set and forget. Review them on a regular basis and check to see if they’ve actually been effective at returning visitors to your website. Remember, even though you may be targeting visitors who showed interest in your business, your remarketing ads still need to be memorable with strong branding.

Try out different combinations for pages on your website which have tags and which visitors you choose to target. Also, experiment with the frequency at which visitors are targeted with remarketing ads – you want your business to stand out but you don’t want to get annoying. Finally, consider which page on your website you’re sending your visitor to optimise the chances of a sale or other action.

How Dilate Can Help

The remarketing management for your business can be time consuming if you do it yourself and it needs to be tracked appropriately to ensure that your campaign is effective. To make life easier, many businesses turn to a remarketing consultant who will assist you to develop a strategy which is specific to your business. The agency you choose will handle the setup and technical aspects of the process and you can be assured that your brand is going to stick with visitors through retargeting ads.

Perth based Dilate Digital can help you with an effective remarketing campaign so your audience continues to return to your website. For more information about how we can help your business, contact us today and we’d be happy to have a chat.