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Project Overview

Golfbox is Australia's most iconic ecommerce golfing store and a pioneer in the their industry. Golfbox have been in the ecommerce game for a long time now, so when they came to Dilate in May 2018, they brought with them the typical pain points commonly experienced in long term, established businesses; stagnation. Their domain authority was steadily decreasing, their organic traffic had reached it’s glass ceiling & so had their revenue. They were grappling with ideas as to how the hell they were going to break through their ceiling and begin experiencing that euphoric feeling of growth again. So when they asked for our help, we were more than happy to oblige, here’s how we did it.

Golf Box Project Overview
The Solution

The Solution

We determined that Golfbox was in need of a damn good SEO strategy. After we conducted competitor analysis, and keyword research, meticulously qualifying keywords to compliment user intent, we implemented proper keyword mapping across their site. We optimised their onpage completely, and worked consistently on building high DA & PA backlinks with strong trust flows. As well as this we constantly added new, highly relevant information on their site and continued building a strong internal linking & on page tagging strategy.

The Results

From the beginning of last year to present day, Golfboxs online performance has experienced a complete 180. Their revenue has increased by 70%, their traffic has increased by 30% and they’re ranking for all of their most high value, revenue building keywords. But the growth wont stop there, over this next year, we’re planning to triple that - so stay tuned! Better yet, if you think your business could benefit from one of our strategies, why don’t we have a chat and explore exactly what we could do for you?

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Traffic Traffic up 20% from last year
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Transactions Transactions up by 26% from last year
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Conversion Rate Conversion rate up 6% from last year
Hear It From Our Client
- Paul Rossi, Golfbox
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