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Integrity Physio

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Project Overview

Integrity Physio is a physiotherapy clinic in South Perth, known for their amazing facilities and dedication to their clients. When you go to Integrity Physio, you can be sure you’ll receive the full 30-minute consultation to discuss your physiotherapy needs. No ‘wam, bam, thank you, mam’, 2 minutes consultations we’re all so used to receiving at clinics these days. Their service is so good in fact that the director of Dilate is now a regular there. Integrity Physio hadn’t been entirely ‘thrilled’ with the marketing performance they’d received from their previous marketing agency until one-day a client of theirs (who is also a client of ours 😉 ) encouraged them to get in touch and see if we were potentially the fix they had been looking for. Integrity Physio wanted to grow the business overall and that’s when they approached Dilate in March of 2018, asking for us to assist them in growing the business to the next level. And help them grow, we did!

The Solution

The Solution

Since the goal for Integrity Physio was to achieve overall growth, Dilate took a holistic approach to their marketing strategy, whilst playing on their unique selling proposition of being “customer-centric”, and we all know how valuable that trait is in a health sector known for its ability to get you out the door before you’ve really even stepped in. Dilate knew that they needed to grow localised brand awareness and achieved this through a local Facebook advertising campaign. To complement their Facebook Ads campaign we knew that we needed to simultaneously improve their organic search visibility by creating and implementing a killer local SEO strategy. Over the past year of working with Integrity Physio to grow their business, these main services have been all we’ve needed to continue seeing accelerated growth at a capacity he can handle.

The Results

Since joining forces with Dilate Digital, Integrity Physio has seen incredible results that have catapulted the business to a point where they no longer need to advertise in local newspapers. Over the past year of partnering with Dilate Digital to take care of their marketing needs, Integrity Physio has seen their organic web traffic triple in size, they’ve been able to triple their online marketing conversions, and triple the number of patients booked. They have a far larger number of keywords that are now visible in Google Search and their overall rankings continue to increase to this day. What's more, their impressions in Google Search have increased 5X since March 2018. Due to all of these drastic improvements in their online presence and marketing, Integrity Physio has been able to grow its team and hire two senior therapists to assist with the increased workload. If you need a seriously epic physio experience, now you know where to go.

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Patient Base Patient base has tripled over the last year
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Online Bookings Online appointments up by 175% from last year
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New Staff Two additional senior therapists hired to assist with increased workload
Hear It From Our Client
- Leslie Trigg, Integrity Physio
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