Proven Marketing Strategies for the Health Care Industry

By John Reserva on Jan 08, 2021

If you can’t find yourself on Google when you search for your clinic or your service, new customers can’t find you either.

The truth is digital marketing for fitness centres, cosmetic clinics and medical specialists really matters. The competition is fierce. You’ve got to know how to stand out and attract more high quality leads to your business.

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Why We Can’t Say Yes to Everyone

By Sarah Beltran on Nov 27, 2020

You get leads, you turn them away. Are you crazy? Not necessarily. Here at Dilate, there is a reason we don’t say yes to everyone. Don’t get us wrong – we want to grow just as much as the businesses that we help. But the thing is, to do our job well we can’t say yes to everyone that enquires with us. It’s really important to us that we get powerful results for our clients. That’s why we test and…

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Increase Sales for Shopify Using These Apps

By Aimee Robinson on Nov 20, 2020

Got an eCommerce store and want to boost conversions and bring in more profit? Good news – there are plenty of free and premium tools out there that can help you up your eCom game and sell more. We get it, sifting through them all to find what works isn’t very fun. That’s why we’ve put together our top picks for Shopify plugins that pack a powerful punch. As a team of Shopify experts who have helped many eCommerce businesses…

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Industry Types That Work Best for Google Ads

By John Reserva on Nov 09, 2020

Done right, Google Ads can boost your website traffic pretty quickly, increase your visibility and help the right people find your products or services. You may have heard about other businesses using Google Ads management to make impressive profits. But will it work for you? Afterall, you want to know that you’re going to get good results before investing in a Google Ads management agency.  The truth is, these days almost everyone uses Google to search for products and services.…

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The Importance of Lead Response Time

By Mark Noakes on Oct 30, 2020

Every Minute Counts. The Importance of Lead Response Time What is Lead Response Time? Imagine you’re looking for someone to build a pergola in your backyard. You do some Googling. Find a couple of businesses. Fill out their contact forms. You wait. The time it takes for a business to respond to you after you’ve contacted them is called Lead Response Time (LRT). Let’s say one business gives you a call within 5 minutes of you filling out the form.…

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Facebook Ad Myth Busting

By Aimee Robinson on Oct 23, 2020

Facebook Ad Myths. While we may be familiar with Facebook Ads, there are still some common misconceptions that could do with debunking. Knowing what you can and can’t achieve may be the game-changer between how you approach your Facebook marketing strategy or even help you identify where you can get a better return on investment (ROI). Here are 8 misconceptions about Facebook Ads from our resident expert, Aimee Robinson.

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10 User Experience (UX) Guidelines to follow in Web Design

By Bipu Bajgai on Oct 16, 2020

Wished you had some user experience guidelines to follow? Getting your online presence happening can be a little daunting. And when we say “happening” we mean getting people to your site, using your site, and all things working out, becoming a customer. Whether this is your first build of a website for your business, or you built one only to realise that things aren’t working the way they should, or perhaps your business is changing direction, it’s always a good…

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What Is the Best Google Ads Bidding Strategy For Your Campaign

By John Reserva on Oct 09, 2020

Finding the best Google Ads bidding strategy and winning combination happening of engaging Ad creative, a converting lead page, the right keyword bidding strategy & not breaking the budget can feel overwhelming.    This article will hopefully help you to select the right combination, or at least clear any doubts so that you can get your ads to start performing.

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Set up your Shopify Store to Convert

By Chris Paterniti on Sep 29, 2020

Having trouble setting up your Shopify store? Whether you are a lover of shopping online, or brick and mortar stores, one of the most important factors for customers is experience. We’re not talking about the customers who love to dig through a disorganised second-hand store in search of a vintage find like a paleontologist looking for a dinosaur bone in the desert. They are time rich, and spending all day looking for their “find” is probably more enjoyable than the…

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Questions You Should Ask Before Building Your New Website

By Mark Noakes on Sep 18, 2020

Building a website is like building a house. You’ve got your address (domain name), you know you are going to be paying rates (hosting fees), and you know that you want your house to be functional and welcoming (hello digital architect a.k.a web developer). As tempting as it can be to DIY your website, consider these three key questions before you commit: Do you know what to ask a web development expert? Do you know what you need your website…

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