4 Ways To Significantly Improve Your Facebook Advertising

By Bodie Czeladka on Jan 11, 2016

When it comes to Facebook marketing, Perth business owners are often a little overwhelmed. While Facebook advertising is far cheaper than conventional advertising, it can be frustrating to invest in a campaign and see little or no results. Fortunately, you can significantly improve your results with these four tips. TARGET THE FOLLOWERS OF SIMILAR BRANDS Taking a wide spectrum approach to finding new customers can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Therefore, it is a good…

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The 3 Best Blogs to Follow About SEO

By Bodie Czeladka on Jan 05, 2016

These days, whether they are searching for a phone number, researching a product or looking for store opening hours, consumers are likely to be using the internet. This means that billions of local searches are performed each month. As a small business, it is vital to have a well thought out strategy for your SEO campaign to ensure that your products and services are presented to those people looking for exactly what you can provide. With the decreasing effectiveness of…

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The Best Marketing Books for Your Business

By Bodie Czeladka on Dec 21, 2015

Research has indicated that reading fiction can not only help to boost your imagination but it can also increase your intelligence. However, if you are planning on building or expanding a business, it may be worthwhile spending a little time reading some business dev books. There is a wide selection of non fiction titles aimed at helping you to improve your financial situation but these are some Dilate recommended books for your business, which should be on your essential reading list.…

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How Dilate Digital Can Help Promote Your Business Organically

By Bodie Czeladka on Dec 14, 2015

You always wanted to grab top marks at uni or tafe, be the boss’s shining star in the office and top dog in your career, right? So, why don’t you apply the same standards to your website? Shouldn’t it be at the top of Google? Well, relax. Dilate knows how to make this happen for you. Are you sweating from working hard, spending massive cash on marketing campaigns and products – and yet it seems like nobody knows your service…

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9 Easy Ways You Can Get More Out Of Your Day (And A Couple Ways You’ll Be Losing Out)

By Bodie Czeladka on Dec 14, 2015

We are in that time of year where the sun rises before 6am and sets after 7pm, and the temperatures are steadily climbing. But are you still struggling to find enough hours in the day to tick off your to-do list with time to unbutton your cuffs and enjoy the daylight? Here are 9 tips on how to maximise productivity, and help get you out the door to enjoy the late afternoon rays. 1. Start your day with this one…

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The 3 Top problems with social media marketing & How to solve them

By Bodie Czeladka on Dec 07, 2015

When engaging in social marketing there are many challenges to overcome. Some marketers struggle with lead generation. For others, traffic levels and their conversion rates may not be at the level required. Excelling in one of these areas or being great at SEO can help, but all of these strategies need to be employed together, as part of a complete marketing strategy. Paying inadequate attention to one or more of these aspects of your strategy could be costing valuable revenue.…

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Steps for Successful Conversion Rate Optimisation

By Bodie Czeladka on Dec 01, 2015

If you are finding that your business is struggling to compete against other online providers, it could be due to poor conversion rate optimisation. When it comes to efforts for lead generation, Perth business owners often forget about what happens when you get these potential customers through your virtual doors. increasing traffic on a zero % conversion is guess what? Still zero! You may actually be stifling your website growth with unproductive vanity metrics such as traffic or likes which alone do nothing for…

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4 Important Display Advertising Trends You May have overlooked

By Bodie Czeladka on Nov 24, 2015

There are plenty of strategies debated by leading display advertising agency experts. However, there are still important display advertising trends that often disappear under the radar. These trends could inspire new strategies that will have a massive impact on your business in the near future. INCREASED ATTENTION ON CREATIVES The banner ad is considered to be the main format of digital advertising for many years. However, the banner ad has also been blamed for interruption and bad user experience. Often…

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5 Amazing Email Marketing Tips to Implement Right Now

By Bodie Czeladka on Nov 17, 2015

According to statistics, email has almost three times more users as Twitter and Facebook combined. Email is estimated to reach 2.9 billion people, so email marketing should be considered a key tactic for building your business. However, improperly calibrated email marketing software or failing to properly consider your strategy could actually do more harm than good to your brand. Here are five amazing tips you could implement right now to create a positive effect. 1. ENSURE THE RIGHT MESSAGE IS…

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7 Free Online Tools for business that you need to know!

By Bodie Czeladka on Aug 13, 2015

Here is a list with some selected tools we believe are helpful with managing daily tasks. Ok so some might not be 100% free, but sometimes you need to spend money to make money. 🙂 1) GOOGLE DOC, SHEETS, AND OTHER RAD APPS Google’s suite of cloud-based office software is the best way of saving, sharing and editing your documents, spreadsheets and presentations in the most professional-looking way. In addition, you can use these tools from different devices, such as computer,…

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