The Advantages of Social Media Targeting & Retargeting

By Bodie Czeladka on Aug 02, 2018

We currently reside in an age where digital media is at the helm, with an increasing number of people browsing the internet for information, entertainment and more importantly, connection. With the internet, distances are covered instantaneously with connections being made across the globe. In the past decade, social media has climbed its way to the forefront of human connection with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at the helm. Millions of people are browsing these sites on a daily basis and engaging…

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Boost Your Business with Online Marketing Services

By Bodie Czeladka on Aug 01, 2018

We live in an increasingly digital age with more people having access to internet services and using them for a myriad of things. Digital has become the new normal as more people spend more and more time online, surfing, watching videos, listening to music and even shopping. It seems that there isn’t much a person can’t do online. With more time spent online, traditional media is slowly falling by the wayside. TV, radio and print are slowly becoming less relevant…

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An Introduction to Youtube Marketing

By Bodie Czeladka on Aug 01, 2018

Youtube has really grown as a social networking platform in the past decade. Considered to be a top tier form of social media alongside giants like Twitter and Facebook, Youtube revolutionises ads with video marketing. With a wide reach of over 30 million visitors every day worldwide, it provides a great opportunity for your brand to engage its target audience successfully. Consumers browse Youtube on a daily basis, as it is accessible on their mobile phones, making it portable and…

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5 Types of Common Logo Design Styles

By Bodie Czeladka on Jun 30, 2018

With an oversaturated market, it can be difficult to make your business stand out from the rest. Branding therefore becomes centrally important to getting your voice heard, and a memorable logo is a great way to get your brand name out there. But, did you now their is more than one type of logo? When designing your logo for your business it's important to consider the type and style of logo you are after before beginning. Logo styles can be…

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Is Google AdWords Right For Your Business?

By Bodie Czeladka on Jun 24, 2018

In the digital age there are many new ways for businesses to effectively advertise to their target market, yet probably the most direct and effective is Paid Advertising. You may have heard of Paid Advertising referred to sometimes as PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, SEM (search engine marketing), or CPC (cost per click) marketing, and its most popular form would arguably be Google AdWords with over 75% of the search share market conquered. Sounds complicated, but really the process is simple. Firstly,…

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When the Standard Email Marketing Template Doesn’t Do the Job

By Bodie Czeladka on Jun 18, 2018

When looking at popular and most used marketing strategies, email marketing continues to be on top of the list. Studies show email has a median ROI of 122 percent; this is more than four times higher than other top strategies, including social media. In addition, HubSpot reports 86 percent of consumers want to receive emails from companies they do business with at least once a month. It’s a highly versatile tactic that is used to encourage and engage visitors to…

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Common Online Tactics Employed by Digital Marketing Agencies

By Bodie Czeladka on Jun 10, 2018

The new normal is now digital. Compared to a decade ago, the amount of time spent online has increased dramatically. This has also affected people buying habits, with most purchases made online without leaving the couch, making traditional offline marketing less effective than it use to be. So, what does this mean for marketing? If you drilled down to the essence of marketing, it’s always been about connecting with your audience, and to reach your audience you need to be…

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Stepping Up Your Digital Marketing Strategies and be Top of Your Game

By Bodie Czeladka on May 21, 2018

There are some favourites in the digital marketing toolkit. SEO, Facebook ads and a strong content marketing program are key components to many businesses winning digital marketing strategy. But what about those platforms not so often talked about. Here we’ll review some different digital marketing tactics to help you ramp up your digital marketing to reach new customers and build strong relationships so they’ll want to return to your website or ecommerce store for more. SMS Marketing Sending a direct…

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Perth Agency Helps You Set Up Your Brand with Dynamic Graphic Designs

By Bodie Czeladka on May 14, 2018

What is your business about and why should anyone become your next client? You already offer expert services, premium products and first class customer care, but who are you? Will people remember? More often than not in an increasingly competitive business place, clients want to know what you’re about, who you are and if you align with who they are. Authenticity and identity are becoming more and more important. Branding, strategy and graphic design are core to forming this outward…

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Website Design Tips & What To Expect in a Website Design

By Bipu Bajgai on May 07, 2018

What’s Involved with Website Design, Perth Agency Shares Their Tips The importance of your website should never be underestimated. In today’s digitally connected world, your website is likely to be the first point of contact and could even be the only interaction a customer has with your business. So it needs to say everything you want it to, capturing the attention and interest of every new customer who clicks your way. Website design is essential to the success of the…

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