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Digital Agency Perth
August 15, 2018 Bodie Czeladka

Digital Agency Perth

In this digital age it is simultaneously easier and harder to increase the visibility of your business: easier because of the vast amount of tools available, but harder because everyone has access to these tools and have countless strategies to implement. Between managing the day to day of keeping a successful business up and running, it can be difficult to handle all the different platforms and strategies associated with digital marketing. Social media, email, SEO, website optimisation: these are just a few of the tools to boost your online presence. Hiring the services of a digital marketing firm will help tremendously in navigating the vast world of digital marketing. A digital agency will have the knowledge and expertise to devise and successfully implement not just digital marketing strategies but also technical and creative solutions, enabling your business to present an effective front online and engage with your target markets, subsequently increasing traffic and growing leads to your company.


Technical and Creative

A digital marketing agency will have the technical expertise and creative knowledge to create an effective and attractive website for your business, making sure to clean up the code and ensure that the navigation menus are user and mobile friendly. They will also be able to handle aspects like landing pages, graphics, hosting, e commerce and apps, establishing a strong online presence for your brand.

Content Creation and Optimisation

You can also hire a digital marketing agency to run your blog or any other platform in which you create and regularly publish content. Content marketing is the creation and promotion of content with the goal of increasing leads and fostering a stronger customer base. Digital marketing experts will produce quality content and optimise it to meet SEO standards, improving your website’s standing in Google searches, making it easier for users to discover information about your company.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are at the fingertips of your audience and are an effective means of generating awareness about your business. With social media, you have a direct channel to your targeted audience. Being active on social media and engaging with followers is a great way to develop trustworthiness amongst your audience. You can seek the services of a marketing agency to manage your social media platforms, creating relevant content and running effective campaigns to drive users to interact with your business.


If you’re looking for marketing agencies Perth, considering Dilate Digital. We are a full service digital marketing agency operating out of Perth WA that handle clients nationally and internationally. With years of expertise, we deliver kick-ass digital marketing strategies and create amazing creative, strategic and technical solutions, enabling our clients to present their best faces online. We provide digital marketing services for all budgets, ranging from a consultation service for smaller budgets to a full-service marketing package that handles the whole shebang from web maintenance, digital advertising, SEO and more. Contact us today at 1300 DILATE (that’s 1300 345 283) to speak to our marketing specialists and start generating leads to your company.

In the digital age there are many new ways for businesses to effectively advertise to their target market, yet probably the most direct and effective is Paid Advertising. You may have heard of Paid Advertising referred to sometimes as PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, SEM (search engine marketing), or CPC (cost per click) marketing, and its most popular form would arguably be Google AdWords with over 75% of the search share market conquered. Sounds complicated, but really the process is simple. Firstly, people use keywords to search for specific services or products they are after, and if those keywords match the chosen keywords of your paid ad, it’ll appear next to or above organic Google search results. This helps to increase the chance of traffic being directed to your website by guaranteeing you a spot at the top of the search results page. Which is a massive boost when you consider the statistics that most users don’t look at more than the first 5 listings on a search engine results page (SERP). So, with all that in mind let’s look at some of the pros and cons of using Google AdWords to help you determine whether this is the right advertising channel for your business..
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