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Five Life Tech Hacks, From A Digital Marketing Agency

Five Life Tech Hacks, From A Digital Marketing Agency
January 20, 2017 Bodie Czeladka
Five Life Hacks for Digital Marketing - dilate digital

Five Life Tech Hacks, From A Digital Marketing Agency

Five Life Hacks for Digital Marketing - dilate digital

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There are some professions that, upon entering, you must decide who you are and are not obligated to. For example, is a mechanic indebted to his mother enough to tinker at on the car every weekend? Now that your friend is a doctor, should she take a look at that weird welt you’ve got and make a diagnosis?

There are dozens of professions that make people nervous to announce at dinner parties, in case they are asked to be an expert opinion on someone else’s issue. As a Perth digital marketing agency, our results are always quantifiable and can be correlated directly to the price tag – but we still have a few tricks up our sleeve. While we aren’t going to tell you our secret herbs and spices, we have made a list of our handiest tech life hacks. Streamline your digital interactions and assuage your techie headaches – don’t forget to tell us if you know any great ones too!

1: If you need to make a note of something and you’re trapped in such a way that the only tool available is your browser, just type “data:text/html,”. It will open up a blank jotter for you to note all your whimsies.

2: If you’re constantly shuffling tired batteries around your home electronics that still use them, you can easily test their potency by dropping them on the floor. Yes, we’re serious. A fully charged battery has very little bounce to it, whereas a flat battery bounces.

3: Ever find yourself craving those stormy nights by a crackling fire? Use the sites and to find your most ambient background playlists.

4: When you’re purchasing online – especially plane tickets – use incognito mode to hide your interest from the pesky sales team. You’ll notice they hike the prices the more that you check on them!

5: Make your emailing stress-free by adding your email address to your phone under a shorthand, such as ”@@” to cut down typing time, and hold back from putting that recipient email in the bar too soon! Holding off until you’ve finished your email will make sure that your email doesn’t get accidentally sent before you’ve crossed every t and dotted every i.

While our life hacks may be limited to the tech world, our digital advertising strategies are from another planet and guaranteed to boost your online traffic and conversions. All of our details are on our website, such as how many amazing services we offer and the weird and wonderful team that assembles your digital marketing from top to bottom. If you need some advice from a digital marketing consultant, or you want to find and agency that can make miracles happen, call Dilate. We’re a WA digital agency, based in Perth, and we’re proud to make sure our clients have their strongest foot forward.

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