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Supermetrics Will Do More for You Than Superman Ever Could

Supermetrics Will Do More for You Than Superman Ever Could
December 9, 2016 Bodie Czeladka

Supermetrics Will Do More for You Than Superman Ever Could

Oh, so you’re a bit of a Lois Lane for Superman? Really? Because for all of his winding-the-world-back, Superman never saved time for me the way that Supermetrics does. That’s right, there’s a new hero in town.


Understanding the efficacy of your online marketing and social media strategies can be a balancing act of finding the various points of measurement you find relevant to your goals, such as click-through rate or email database, and finding the right system to display this information. Depending on what measurements you have, you might find yourself using the Google Docs or Excel programs – which are great tools, but are just waiting to be enhanced with the addition of Supermetrics. So what is Supermetrics, you ask? Read on to find out why digital marketing expert analysts are swearing by it, and how it can help you.

With four main products, Supermetrics can fill all the following roles:

Supermetrics For Google Drive:

Supermetrics can turn your trusty Google Docs into a comprehensive business reporting system, which pulls data from multiple sources and integrates them into graphs and spreadsheets, ready for you to analyse and share with your team. Automated reporting does the work for you, and the data is continuously monitored and can be refreshed at the click of a button to display the most current reports.


Supermetrics Data Grabber:

Designed to work with Excel, the Data Grabber is a user-friendly report automation tool. Use it with Google Analytics, Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other sources, to automatically produce quality reports and save time. Ditch the hard yards and focus on the intensive data reports, with metrics from a huge variety of websites to evaluate and plan your next strategy.

Supermetrics Data Grabber

Supermetrics Uploader:

Digital marketing can have a lot of costs, scattered over dozens of investments. Import your advertising cost data and watch as it is accurately compiled into one viewable source. Evaluate your campaigns for ROI, and allow the Uploader to automatically pull data from your advertising mediums to consistently have an up-to-date glimpse at how savvy your investments are.

Supermetrics Functions:

For those who have a firm grip on Excel, the 2009 Functions software will be your favourite Supermetrics tool. Control the data your way with flexibility and ease.

If you’re running an online campaign to boost your traffic and conversions, Supermetrics can easily streamline all of your resources into one digestible location. Most of you probably found at least one of these tools sounding like the perfect complement to your current resources, and once you give it a go you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.
As a digital marketing agency, we are first-hand witnesses of how easy and advantageous Supermetrics can be, and whenever we find a great tool which saves us time and hassle we love to shout it from the rooftops so that our fellow digital marketers can catch a break too. Let us know what you think of Supermetrics, or what your favourite data tools are below.

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